Roon Radio, what I feel about it

Sorry for the comparison, but I have to start somewhere. In JRiver, I was quite impressed with PlayDoctor, it was really rare that I had to skip a song. It respected the vib and gradually moved to different genre in a subtle way. I could let it go without being anxious about what It was going to put next and at the same time discovered lots of new artists.
With Roon Radio, I don’t have the same experience at all. I’m always nervous of what It’s going to play next. I know that I can skip and say why I did skip that song to help the algorithm in finding track that would fit better. But the point is, I put Roon Radio exactly to not bother about music.
Weird thing I find, Roon Radio is good with Quebec alternative French song and electronic ambient music, these two are not mainstream and it work pretty good. But in general, I find that it goes out of the vibe,energy, style and quality pretty fast. I have to say that in general, if I do a average, I would say that I skip every 4 tracks.
I put a dub album and It puts me opera
A Christmas song, Ledzep
Smooth bossa-nova for supper, it comes back with free avant-garde Jazz.
Not kidding.
I listen to different music genre, my taste are widespread. I like music that is well done and I could say that I’ m not impressed with what Roon Radio show me.
I love Roon except for my experience with Roon Radio. A little bit disappointed.
I see no problem with helping the program every know and then, let’s say every 10 tracks, to put it back on the rails. For the moment , I have a feeling that it is going to take years before It settles


That’s strange, and makes me wonder how the radio algorithm works. I have a very wide taste in music as well but 99% of it is not main stream. Whenever I occasionaly do listen to something mainstream like the latest album of The Weeknd (nice album btw) the radio afterwards is pure horror. With most non-mainstream it has actually become pretty good and quite often I can just let it play for hours, skippping a song now and then offcoarse but for the most part pleasantly suprised it doesn’t drift off into something terrible. It has become more diverse compared to what is once was. It could even be a little bit more diverse to my taste but I know many people don’t like that.

Hello Nyquist, I will certainly listen to the Weekend last album. Always curious for what’s going on. When I try to listen to Great French signer like Jacques Brel, Brassens, Piaf, Aznavour, etc… R R start giving me some world folk music in different languages and in the French repertoire it get stuck with few artists that are not part of the « Grande chanson Française «
Like you are saying, in the less mainstream music R R perform well.
My main issue is with the music energy and vibe. When I want to listen to smooth stuff it should stay mainly in that colour.
I’ll continue listening to R R and try to help the algorithm for while and see where it goes.
I think there should be a option the eliminate a artists from the Pool.
There are some artists that I boycott for some reason. I would really like that.
Happy holidays.

I just had a fantastic 3 hour roon radio entetainment. i started with george harrisons all things must pass, and oh boy… it triggert pearl on pearl on pearl. my kitchen still is waiting to be cleaned, but not one bad song to make me able to leave my sweet spot. roon is great!

When Valence and the new Roon Radio were introduced I found it wonderful, I quickly added many new albums.

Now I find it very repetitive, if I let an album run on so that Radio starts, nearly every time it will play the same artist within 3 songs and it seems to play from a very small pool of songs.

I’m not sure if this is how the algorithm works i.e if everyone is liking the same songs from artists, then it will always pick those songs?

I’m still having a hard time with Roon Radio propositions. Again the big thing is about vibes and energy. I should add the quality off the content but that would probably be more, a question of taste for some. What I mean by that is, 10 to 15 % of the track are not in the same ballpark at all.
Back to vibes and energy. The variation in this department make RoonRadio a no go when I just want nice music for the supper or just to relax.
I use it now, just to discover new music, beside that I consider RoonRadio to be ordinary option.
Disappointed and I have to bring it again, but I think that PlayDoctor from JRiver is really good compared to RR. With PlayDoctor I can choose a track and let it roll four hours with just a few skips.

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