Roon ramdomly stops playing when using shuffle

Sometimes it goes for hours sometimes not.
Seems to always occur when switching tracks.
The next song gets switched too but doesnt start playing.

Using Imac as controller and QNAP Nas for core.

Thank you

Probably want to add some more detail.
Equipment in use, OS, network details etc.

MAC OS 10.14.1

QNAP Model:


Current firmware version:

library on a Samsung SSD connected to NAS

End points and DACs too :blush:

Appreciate your help but you will need to clarify that one

What equipment are you using to play the music.

Using a TP link Archer C5 router.

Wireless connection from Roon to Beoplay A9 (bang & olufsen)

I’ve invited @support to this thread.
I see you have dealt with this process before :wink:
They may want you to send them logs from your system at some point so it would be good to make a note in local time when you notice this happening and details of the before and after tracks.

Thank you…when it switches to another track and stops I can go and hit play and the track plays.

Also my 2 week trial is ending soon. much of my 2 weeks has been taken up by troubleshooting. would like to get Roon working 100% before i commit (i like what i see so far but would like it to work all the time).

any chance of getting trial period extended>?

thanks again

How often does it happen? Might help in suggesting things to try to know how reliable this unreliable behaviour is…

Happens all the time.

I shuffle the tracks…almost always stops as it changes to the 2nd or 3rd song.

I would think once on shuffle it should not stop till i stop it.

It never just plays like it should.

To restate if u start shuffling…leave and comeback like 30 min later it isnt playing music.

OK. Try playing through the iMac speakers rather than the satellite dish (apologies) and see if it still stops. If it does it doesn’t will be a first step in diagnosis.

Will do
Thank you.
My 2 week trial period is ending.
Much of that 2 weeks has been troubleshooting.
Before paying for the service id like to assure it works dependably which it has not to date.
Can my trial period be extended?

I’m a user like you. Roon team have been known to extend whilst troubleshooting.

Try ruining it on the PC as that will rule out the interface to the speaker if it works OK.
I’m not sure there are that many people with that speaker to help with troubleshooting !!

Thanks for your help.
Want to clarify…does this thread involve the Roon tech support team or just users?

Both. The team are pretty good at chipping in normally and will be along at some point. To be honest quite a few of us users have been doing IT support as a job at some point so can go through the basics of narrowing down causes etc.
Roon support would start by asking you the environmental questions first then narrow down problems.

Thx again

Appreciate your time

Hello @thomas_clark1,

Can you please let me know if this issue affects both local content and TIDAL content or just one and not the other? Are the Beoplay speakers connected to 2.4Ghz WiFi or 5Ghz Wifi?

I have enabled diagnostics mode for your iMac controller but no reports have come in yet, can I please ask you to reproduce the issue once more, note the exact local time in your country (ex. 2:43PM) that you experience this issue and then manually send us the logs from your iMac using these instructions?

You can upload the logs to our diagnostics servers as you have previously done before and I can take a look, just be sure to let me know the name of the diagnostics archive after doing so.