Roon randomly loses connection with Linn Akurate DS

Core Machine
Mac Mini model 2018 8Gb 3.6Ghz Intel i3, macOS 11.2.3

Network Details
Everything wired, TP Link Archer C5400 router, all network address are reserved (predictably allocated by DHCP). Brand new NetGear GS316EP managed switch.

Library Size
I play music from a usb connected SSD as well as directly from Qobuz. Both give the same problems. Local collection consists of about 750 albums.

Description Of Issue
Roon loses connection with Linn Akurate DS and the Akurate is not visible within Roon after that. I need to reboot the Akurate DS to make it pop up within Roon again.

This is with the Akurate connected over Songcast (the “Roon Tested” connection). Network, wires, switches etc. problem are not a plausible cause because I can get a stable connection like so:

Roon -> system HDMI out -> Linn Majik DSM -> (Songcast) -> Akurate DS.

I use this setup when I watch movies but can use it from Roon as well. So everything is exactly the same except the type of connection from Roon to the Akurate.

The reason I do not simply use the alternate connection is that the sound quality suffers notably.

Might not be related, but I had an issue where my Linn Selekt started dropping out of Roon. Further testing also showed that it was also becoming invisible to the Konfig software as well. After lots of swapping and moving I finally determined that the network switch it was plugged into was the issue. I had two of the exact same model 16 port 1GB switch and they both had an issue. I swapped it with a same brand 8 port switch and it worked perfectly. Ultimately I ended up replacing the switch with one of the ones on Linn’s recommended list.

Linn uses multicast to control their players, I’m guessing that there was some issue that the switch was causing with the multicast broadcasts. I have no idea why the problem started after the same setup had been running for a year, but I really didn’t feel like spending more time trying to see if I could track down the root cause.

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Brand and model of switch? Managed?

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Your problems are all down to one of three things: network, network, or network. Even if you don’t want to hear it :wink:



I have a Cisco SF100D-08P 8-Port 10/100 PoE

Will buy one of the recommended switches and let you know what happens. Thanks for the feedback!

I was originally using a TP-Link 16 port unmanaged switch (TL-SG116). The 8 port model did work, but I ended up getting the Netgear GS108 from the recommended list.

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After getting an unmanaged Netgear GS108 or GS105 switch, connect the Roon Core and all Roon endpoints to this particular switch if possible.

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Linn kit is absurdly sensitive to the network. Unlike Lumin streamers, which ‘just work’ :grinning:

My KDS/3 wouldn’t work properly when it was directly connected to my ASUS router. I had to place a NETGEAR GS108 in-between the router and and the DS for it to function properly. Crazy… :roll_eyes:

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If another Roon Core or endpoint does not function properly when directly connected to the Asus router, this will indicate a multicast setting problem. Someone recently found that enabling multicast routing (also mentioned in Roon KB) and IGMP snooping (not mentioned in Roon KB) works better for his Asus router. Inserting a switch will cure that because an unmanaged switch, especially a GS108 that is known to be good, should automatically pass multicast packets.

If other Roon endpoints work but this device does not, this depends on the type of problem you experience. If it is audio stuttering, it may be that the 1000Mbps → 100Mbps transition screwing up the audio timing. If it is a discovery issue, then this needs to be further investigated. Check the network lights at both ends as a start.

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I just received my new switch this morning. I opted for a NetGear GS316EP. Updated its firmware, ran cable tests (it is a managed switch). The problem persists alas. Random stops of playback as before. Akurate still visible as a playback device in Roon, but cannot restart playback unless I reboot the Linn.

The GS316EP is not actually in the recommended list from Linn so that may be asking for trouble. But really… should I send it back? I need more than 8 ports, I need PoE and it would be nice if it is a managed switch so I can at least set priorities for some ports. Still need to toy around with those settings a bit to see if that helps.

I think the switch you have bought is managed?

I would recommend an unmanaged switch.

How would that help? There is a managed switch in the recommended list: FSM726 (sold oud at the shops I order from).

What really troubles me is that my setup used to be perfectly stable with the old cisco unmanaged switch. Now I have a brand new switch from another brand with the same problems. To regard the switch as a cause is getting a lot less likely.

I’m not a network expert.

But I have experience in trying to use a managed switch with my KDS/3, and I had problems. The Linn kept dropping-off the network.

I’ve had zero problems using the NETGEAR GS105/108, and the English Electric 8Switch.

Thanks Martin,

I really appreciate the help.

As it turns out I also had a NetGear GS605AV laying around (doesnt meet my network requirements as it only has 5 ports). So that is another switch -not- on the Linn recommended list, but I have used this exact model for years and years to connect my music devices. This one is a spare that was still sealed in plastic so can be regarded as a new device. Now playing… keeping my fingers crossed. Will report back later.

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I agree about the extraordinary level of network sensitivity shown by Linn DS gear. Long before I moved to Roon, using the recommended setups from Linndocs I used to regularly get ‘waiting for room’ just using Linn’s own server and control points. The Lumin app, on the same control points, worked every time. This occurred on a range of Linn DSs.



Keeping my fingers-crossed for you, Tom! :grinning:

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In case it is not already clear, it is really important to use an unmanaged switch.

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The fact that it used to work with an unmanaged switch does not provide proof that it matters. Linn recommends the use of the NetGear FSM726 which is a managed switch. So no contradictions whatsoever, just curious what could be the reasoning. I am already testing with an unmanaged as well as a managed switch so I will soon know how that plays out and then report back here.

btw If you had taken the time to read through this thread you would know that the troubles started with a cheaper unmanaged switch from cisco. You’re advise contributes nothing to solve my problem.

This is an oversimplification. One of my networks is all UniFi, with managed switches and WiFi access points. It works perfectly with Roon and a Linn Selekt System Hub. Another network has had a variety of switches, including only Netgear GS105s and GS108s, but Roon and the Klimax System Hub have occasional communication issues.

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