Roon Rapidly Cycling Through Tracks But Not Playing Any Of Them

Roon Core Machine

SGC SonicTransporter i5 Server

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi Mesh Router

Connected Audio Devices

SonicTransporter i5-≥OpticalRendu->UltraDigital USB Converter to i2s->Audio-gd R7HE MkII DAC via i2s

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When I select any album and hit “Play”, Roon rapidly cycles through the tracks and doesn’t actually play any of them.I have re-booted the SonicTransporter, re-mounted my external hard drive which activated Roon to re-scan the entire contents of the hard drive, and re-booted the Orbi Router. No change. Should I restart the OpticalRendu and/or the UltraDigital USB to i2s Converter, or maybe even the DAC? Should I assume Roon got corrupted and replace Roon on the SonicTransporter? Lots of options and not sure which ones I should try. Any help from support and the Roon community would be greatly appreciated.

I Would reboot everything first.

That solved the problem. Thank you very much!

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