Roon Raspberry pi 3 iqaudio droput issues

I have a raspberry pi 3 with dac+ and amp+ using a 19v psu running roon bridge in my conservatory now with kef Q1 speakers.
I have it plugged into a tp homeplug for network.
sadly it can be unuseable, drop outs so bad now that i get 3 seconds into a song and it stops, go to roon on my laptop thats acting as remote and my raspberry has gone.
is it an issue with the home plug connection? has anyone used home plugs?
Wireless is a possibilty but it can be flaky as the conservatory is about 60ft away from the router in the living room as there is a dining room in between, all old lead paint walls as its and old victorian terrace.

Hi Phil,

You may have seen the KB dropout troubleshooting page.

I’d suggest hooking everything up by Ethernet to start with just to check there is no prior cause for the dropouts.

I can’t comment about TP home plug, have no experience there.

If Ethernet isn’t possible and you are looking at Wi-Fi, try a dongle with an antenna instead of the built in Wi-Fi on the Pi3, if that doesn’t work then maybe a Wi-Fi repeater between the rooms.

There is usually a programme you can load which will give you a read out of the speed of the connection to the mains networking plugs, have you tried it?

Hi Phil,

I have a similar setup and am experiencing random problems with my tpllink home plug connected IQAudio raspberry. Occasionally it just disappears but I can see from my router it is connected and I can ping it. So I think it’s a bandwidth issue, I’m still investigating. It’s working fine this morning. I don’t get dropouts when it’s working, it just disappears from time to time.