Roon re-adds music to my library each time I open it?

I’ve looked through the discussion boards and it doesn’t seem like this is expected behavior. I’ve started using Roon at work. I have a late 2012 iMac with an i5 and 12GB of RAM. My music files are all loaded on an external drive, more or less a copy of my home music drive, but I’m not using iTunes at work. Every time I start Roon, it seems to be re-scanning my library from scratch. Here’s what it looked like today:

It’s almost done now, but it’s also been 10 minutes. I’m not adding music to this drive, I have deleted some lower res files that I’ve replaced with Tidal versions.

Is this normal behavior? If not, any thoughts as to what is triggering it and how to make it stop? Thanks!

Hi @kneville ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles. Can you pease confirm / clarify the following information for me. Please see below. Thanks!

  1. My assumption is that you are not experiencing the same behavior when working with your home setup, is this correct?

  2. How are you making use of Roon while at work? In other words, do you have Roon loaded on to a work station OR is the 2012 iMac you mentioned traveling with you to your job?

  3. Have you tried testing with some content stored locally as opposed to the external hard drive?


  1. Correct, no issues on the home setup.
  2. Roon at work is loaded onto an iMac. My other core is a Macbook Pro and I switch the license back and forth as prompted. The MBP travels but the external drive with my music files stays on my desk at home. I have a second drive on my desk at work connected to the MBP that is more or less a mirror of the home drive.
  3. I haven’t tried testing with any local content. What’s the best way to do that - create a local watched folder and temporarily disable the folders on the external drive and then restart Roon so it only loads the local folder?

Thanks for the help @Eric!

Hi @kneville ----- Thanks for the follow up and taking the time to answer my questions. The clarification is very appreciated!

Moving forward:

“3) I haven’t tried testing with any local content. What’s the best way to do that - create a local watched folder and temporarily disable the folders on the external drive and then restart Roon so it only loads the local folder?”

:clap::+1: You’ve got this right on the money. What you should do is just grab a few albums from your travel HD and move them to local storage on the MBP in to a folder named something like, “Roon Test”. Launch the application and add “Roon Test” as a watch folder and see if there is a change in behavior.

Furthermore, I think it would be good to test with the stay at home HD with the MBP to see if that drive can be seen as a watch folder. This will help identify if anything may be going with that travel HD you are bringing to work.


Hi @Eric - pestering you on a couple of threads today. Well, I added a couple dozen tracks to a test folder on an internal drive, and I’m basically seeing the same behavior. Roon appears to be adding music to my library each time I open the application and this takes a loooong time. Perhaps I am just mis-interpreting what is expected behavior? I would imagine Roon re-scans watched folders each time it is opened? What the dialogue box says is that it is adding music to the library, which seems unnecessary each time the application is started. My internal drive is not an SSD, so maybe this is just a very slow read of my database based on slow read times?

Any suggestions you might have would be helpful, so far I’m waiting at least 10 minutes for the 32 tracks in my test watched folder to be added, and no progress. It takes 15-20 minutes to get to the point where I can play music from the time I start Roon. If I have to live with this because of a spinning hard disc, that’s fine, but if there’s something I can do to speed things up, I’m listening! Thanks!


Hi @kneville ----- Thank you for the follow up here. I just want to make sure that I still have this in my mind correctly as it has been awhile since we last spoke about this.

This issue is exclusively happening on your MBP that travels with you but your iMac that stays in your home is functioning as it should, correct? I appreciate the clarification!


Hi @Eric - two separate stationary installations, one at home running on the MBP (2.3 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM), database on the internal SSD, music files on external USB drive, MBP connecting to network via wifi. That one functions essentially as expected, though it almost always re-adds 261 files when I start Roon. At work, I have an iMac (2.9 GHz i5, 12 GB RAM) with a hard disk, no SSD, connected to my employers network via Ethernet. The Roon database lives there and music files are on another USB drive. All components stay put, I just with the license back and forth and generally that works fine. My only issue is the loooooooong start up times with the set up on the iMac with the spinning disk drive.

Thanks for the follow-up, cheers!


Hi @kneville ----- Thank you for the follow up and the clarification :thumbsup: Let’s grab some logs from you and see if we can see what is going on here. Will be contacting your shortly via PM with instructions.