Roon re-analyzing after core migration

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Migration from MacBook Pro (2014), i5, 8 Gb Ram to Intel NUC (10th gen) with ROCK 1.7 build, i7, 16GB Ram, Samsung 250Gb 970 Evo Plus

Music library on external USB 3.0 Samsung HDD

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ethernet LAN

Description Of Issue

Hi there, yesterday I migrated from a MacBook Pro to a i7 10th gen NUC. I followed every step from the tutorials carefully. When I finished the process, everything appeared to run smoothly, however I was looking at the settings, just to confirm that everything was as before, and I noticed on the Library tab that the analysis was running.
First) I don’t know why it is analyzing again.
Second) I have 43.951, and apparently Roon is analyzing not all but 34.856 of them. I looked at 10 random albums (at least), and they all had the Dynamic Range value and the waves showed up immediately on all the tracks I clicked.
Third) this analysis is running very slow, at about 2-3 track per minute.

Also, when I installed Rock, I did disable the previous storage, restarted Roon, edited the storage location (although the external hard drive and the folders locations were the same), and enabled it again.

Maybe I missed something?


So, I let it analyze for 4 hours, and when I looked again in the Library settings, it said “Analyzing: 34855 / 34856”. However, after waiting a good 20 minutes, that last track appeared to be stuck. I did a reboot and now it is analyzing again, “only” 33.968 to go, so just 888 tracks in over 4 hours?
Maybe someone with a similar issue could shed some light on this? From what I’ve been reading, I assumed the performance on a 10th gen NUC with dedicated ROCK would be better than a 7-year MacBook Pro? I don’t mind the new analysis (although I don’t understand why it is doing), but at this rate it will take a couple of weeks to finish.

Hi @Diogo_B

  1. If you followed all tutorial steps, you did a database backup, right?
    Restore the backup to circumvent reanalyzing your library.
  2. Edit your library settings to allocate more or less resources for analysis.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, I backup regularly and I did one just before I migrated to the NUC, which is the one I used after ROCK was installed.
At a first glance, everything seems to be working properly, so I don’t understand why it is analyzing most of the files again. I didn’t make any system or database changes, or added new tracks after the migration.
I have 10 cores available on the Analysis speed, so I will experiment with that, but if I remember correctly, the MacBook did a full analysis of 40.000 plus tracks on Throttled, much faster than this.

Well, I guess support will have to jump in on that one, sorry!

Thank you either way. It’s not a dealbreaker, maybe just a bug or something. I increased the speed to 6 cores, it took one hour to analyze 1100 tracks, so going a little faster now.

Hi @Diogo_B,

Has analysis been completed since your previous message?
What does your Roon Settings → Storage tab look like, can you share a screenshot?

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