Roon-Ready. Am I missing something?

I have just purchased a “Roon-Ready” Oppo UDP-203 4K player. I feel like I am missing a critical element here. All my music is stored on a WD MyCloud EX2ultra NAS and in appears as metadata on Roon on my laptop, running Windows 10. It all works perfectly. But I have no idea how to use the Roon software on my Oppo. I believe the term is a Roon End Point. I expected to see it on the Oppo system screen. Do I load Roon software on the NAS?

Help, anyone.

If your OPPO is on your network (same network as Roon) it should show up in Roon under Settings/audio. Once you enable it it should show up as a zone to play to.

It will look like this when playing:

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Roon works by having a Roon server (core) that maintains your library and manages endpoints to listen to this should be configured to see your Nas to get the music. The core can run on windows,Mac,linux and some NAS devices. I assume your running the server on the laptop? If so then goto the audio section in settings on the Roon remote on the pc and you should see the Oppo show up as a device add it and you should be able to choose it as a zone to play music to.

Bob, Simon, That’s great, exactly what I want. I can find the Oppo UDP 203 on the settings/audio page, and can set the zone, but what should I search for on the Oppo player network page?

Nothing, you just hit play in roon and it should take over. You can then use the Oppo remote to pause, play and skip…

My only warning is to lower the volume on your speakers as a safety precaution when hitting play on the oppo zone in roon.

Excellent. Works perfectly. Probably best to run Roon on a tablet as well, right?

Thank you so much. It was working, I just didn’t realize it, heheh!



Sure Tablet works or phone too.

Got it. Perfect.