Roon-ready amp/dac or dac recommendation

I don’t want to use Allo or Pi or similar as an end point. Can anyone recommend an under-$1,000 (preferably under $500) amp or preamp with or without built in DAC, or a DAC, that’s Roon-ready (not Roon-tested). Going through the “partners” list and trying to find one is a PIA, as the manufactures’ sites often don’t confirm “Roon-ready.” Would the little Pro-Ject pre/dac work well? Thanks.

Bluesound Node 2i - Fantastic product.

Thanks. Just read a lot of mostly good reviews from Crutchfield site. Is it easy to get Roon working through it? I purchased 2 Allo units and could get neither to work with Roon.

Well, the Node 2i can be tricky to get working. Some people have a lot of issues; especially if you are going to use WiFi; ethernet is pretty stable.

What Allo product(s) did you buy? I own the DigiOne (with DietPi) and it was absolutely plug and play. I plugged in the ethernet cable, plugged in the COAX to the DAC, Roon say it immediately. Done.

I had the DigiOne Player and the DigiOne Signature. I could get neither to work, the first one after many emails with Allo. The Signature, for me, was certainly not “plug and play,” so I sold it at a discount on eBay.

I do have Kef LS50w’s, which Roon recognized and are playing (I’m not wild about the sound, so the speakers are going back).

I only use Ethernet.

Well, I would search on Node 2i in these forums and read the threads as part of due diligence in the purchase.

The Pro-ject also has it’s issues, so, search the forums again to see what people have to say.

You might look into the

Thanks. Orchard has an interesting alternative. I ordered a Bluesound PowerNode 2i to try out. I can return it if I don’t like it. It’s for a den system; I use a sonicTransport and ultraRendu for the main system.