Roon Ready appeared to have changed the sound

I installed Roon Ready and I uninstalled Roon Ready. I felt my idea of audiophile sound went down by a couple notches with it.
The clarity and focus turned into an over blooming field of wild flowers and I think I got a sound allergy from it.
What’s going on with that anyway. I noticed that with PS Audio’s Bridge2.
Remember guys less is more always.

Hi John,

Could you describe a little more what you have done? As far as I know you cannot ‘install’ RoonReady itself, it resides on target devices’ firmware.


Roon Ready while installed on my main server caused the audio I’d been hearing to change as I mentioned in original comment. It lost its musical mojo in my fairly highly resolving system. It added and unwanted byproduct to the sound. Not sure how else to describe it, after uninstalling RoonReady however the sound went back to sounding more focused with less boominess if you will. I guess nobody else has noticed this and it’s only me. wow. I do hear a lot more as my system is highly resolving. for example I can readily hear that JRIVER is superior as far as sound quality goes over ROON. I guess nobody else hears that either or dares say it. What codec’s does ROON use anyway? I’d think ROON would want to have the best sound via a streaming service bar none. It’s certainly what I expected considering how awesome ROON is in every other way. ROON isn’t far off but it’s off far enough. Any real constructive comment on sound quality opposed to everything but in response would be nice to hear because I’d wager someone knows the truth about ROON’s sound comparatively. Please share.

You’ll need to provide more info about your architecture for any comments to make sense.

Not the brands per se but more the type of set up

e.g. are you running Roon on a PC or MAC and feeding directly to a DAC via USB?
Are you streaming to a network device over wired LAN?

Are you sure you’re comparing apples with apples - Roon presently does no DSP, is that the case with your baseline?

It has to be said that it is very presumptuous of you to assume that your system is more “highly resolving” than others here…or that others haven’t performed their own comparisons

It’s rather difficult to understand the basis of this question, if as you claim, to be someone who has built and understands a “highly resolving” system

Are you referring to Roon Bridge ? Roon Ready is the term used for devices that can receive a RAAT stream with built in firmware.

Is your “main server” where your Core is running ? Roon Bridge is not designed to be installed on the same machine as a Core.

thanks Ronnie, sorry I came off as a know it all. I’m far from it. I may not say what I mean correctly and I don’t mean to insult anyone. I’m trying my best to understand things and I’ll try harder in the future.

Thanks John,

I understand you have three issues:

  • You may have installed Roon Bridge on the PC running Roon and can hear a change in the sound. You would like to uninstall Roon Bridge to see if that is what caused the change.

  • You can’t access music you have stored on a Mac Mini; and

  • You can’t access music you have stored on the iCloud.

To uninstall Roon Bridge from a Windows 7 machine I would follow this general guide (Sorry about the click bait advertising on the page).

You should be able to access music stored on your Mac Mini by making the music folder on the Mini a shared network folder and setting it as a watched folder in Roon on your PC. [This KB page ] ( should assist. Remember to ensure the permissions on the Mini folder are set to enable network access. You might also enable Roon and Raatserver through any firewalls running on the PC or the Mini.

Currently Roon can’t access streams or files in Apple’s cloud. You will have to download those files to local storage in order to add them to your Roon library.