Roon Ready AV Receivers

As far as I’m aware, the only Roon Ready AV receivers are the (now pretty long-in-the-tooth) NAD previous gen (T757/758/777/787)

There is talk of the current Anthem range being certified but this has been ongoing for the better part of 6 months

I haven’t heard of any other manufacturers who are planning this, but I have also read that certain AVRs can be controlled via USB. I believe this is rare, but I’d love to know which AVRs have this functionality, as well as if there are any “discussions” happening at the moment with any others manufacturers

Just to point out, yes I’m aware that we should only trust the official Roon partners list, and yes I’m aware that there are many devices in this area which can be used as Airplay endpoints on Roon etc.
But I think many of us choose Roon partly because we like that high standards maintained by the RAAT protocol and, once the majority of your equipment is geared towards this, then you run into issues with zones of you try to swap different protocols.

I’m hoping for this to be a general discussion thread on this - are there any rumoured options aside from those I’ve mentioned in the “Roon Ready” arena and what are the USB-controlled options that the forum is aware of? :slight_smile:

The Meridian Audio 861 is Roon ‘ready’ - if the ID41 Digital card is fitted.

[note the ID41 card is 2-channel only, but reponds to all Roon commands. For multi-channel input, you need an additional HD621 (legacy) or UHD722 ‘HDMI switch’ which feeds the Surround Processor with >2 channels].

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Thanks Roland - actually reminds me to add another thing
In the UK many of us are limited by space constraints (I don’t think we’re unique in this).
So because of that, my bias eliminated AV processors entirely, but within that sphere, I think there are probably some other options (although for me personally it’s useless, I think a few people might consider that their perfect solution)

Right now my biggest hope is Anthem and/or the newer NAD products possibly being certified, but I’m not holding my breath - NAD seems more focused on their BluOS offering now.

@SalR406 - cheers. I did see both of those, but they’re massively out of date.

I was hoping there would be a Denon release, but again, HEOS seems to be the focus for them. Denon’s measurements seem to be much better than many other AVRs right now, in terms of price/performance they’re right up there.

edit - also the Monoprice HTP-1 is a possible candidate if processors are a viable option for you