Roon Ready (built in) DAC/Amp (headphones)

From the list of DAC/Amps for headphones on the “partners” page, can somebody point me to the product(s) that are also Roon Ready?

In other words, is any headphones DAC/Amp also a Roon endpoint (Roon Ready)?


I’m interested in this as well. Bluesound Node 2 has a headphone out. are there any others?

Except for Node 2 is not nearly adequate for driving good headphones. Not really a good solution for nice headphones. IMHO, a separate headphones amp is needed for driving good headphones (such as Sennheiser HD 800 and so on).

From the lack of response here, it does not appear any of the headphones Amp / DACs in the market is also Roon Ready endpoint.

i agree re node and good headphones.

If you are looking at CD quality, not high res, then the Android DAPs are endpoints that are designed to drive headphones. The Onkyo DAP has two OP amps but only works as a roon endpoint for audio up to redbook as roon uses the default output of the device rather than a specific DAC driver.

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