Roon Ready certificate for Buchardt A500

I don’t think there is a noticeable audible difference in quality per se. You do lose some features that you may or may not find important. I find the gapless playback a must have feature. Try listen to Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon with a stupid gap between the tracks.

You can read about the protocol:

(EDIT) There has been some stability issues but it seems to be ok now.

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As far as I know roon‘s proprietary protocol RAAT enhanced stability and als ensures time alignment in a multi room setup and several other minor things.
The main drawback when using chromecast is that chromecast doesn’t support gapless playback - in 2020. Which is an absolute no go for fans of classical music or music like the already mentioned “dark side if the moon”.
So if you listen to music which doesn’t only consist of detached 3 minute snippets chromecast is not an adequate alternative.

For me the solution would be simply to add an inexpensive streamer like a Raspberry Pi running Roon Bridge into the setup. That will work just fine until there is some device with official Roon certification.

Chromecast is usually gapless with Roon - and i’ve heard it as such with the A500s - but this has been broken in recent builds.

I just tried (again) with the two chromecast devices in my household (Pioneer AV-Receiver and Philips OLED). Gapless with Roon works on none! Whereas it works with Airplay.
But Airplay is yet again limited in bandwidth… I did not invest in a audio software for enthusiasts to be victim to all those limitations again :slight_smile:
I just seems so ridiculous that we even have to still discuss a topic like gapless playback in 2020. Unbelievable :slight_smile:
I just hope, that the hansong Hub and therefor the A500 pass certification soon. I can assure you (I have tried) that it also sound best via Roon’s RAAT.

LIke i said in my previous post, gapless is temporarily broken which is why you are hearing gaps. Roon are working on a fix.

See here -> My Roon is not gapless playing through Chromecast

Yes, a possible workaround. But for me one of the major USPs of Roon is to combine everything into ONE GUI. Several libraries and the basic functionalties of SEVERAL devices. Most important to me: volume control via Roon’s app.
Does that work with a Raspberry Pi as a digital source in the signal path? I dont think so. At least, I was not able to do it with my Rasberry Pi.

Gents, I have an A700, with the same HUB.

I have gapless via Chromecast, I have just tested a Marillion album (Misplaced childhood), Beck (Morning phase) and Pink Floyd (Darkside of the moon) they all work.

I can also use the remote to skip tracks etc, so until RAAT comes there is a solution that works.

Br. Morten

How is the A700? :smiley:

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Brilliant in one word…

The play fanatic at low volume, the LLE works.
They go loud if you have that desire.
And the bass is just amazing.
I also use them for tv, it is also fantastic, I watched guardians of the galaxy in the weekend, it is a pleasure to “feel” the movie😉

The only downside I have found is the need a lot of break in🤪

Br Morten

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Greate :slight_smile: They look fantastic as well

I just tried to play a gapless album. There is a tiny pause between the tracks :frowning:

It’s strange that some users are able to get gapless with Chromecast and others don’t

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Darko’s Product of the Year -

If you want to cut thru all the BS, just go to 13:50

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My Stereo Hub updated to firmware version 12141 in the last couple of days and thankfully they’ve fixed the uneven HDMI volume control i was experiencing.
Not sure if this firmware also has any link to upcoming Roon Readiness…


How did you know the stereo HUB was updated? Did you get any notification anywhere?


Hansong told me to expect an imminent firmware update when i spoke to them a few weeks ago, so i’ve been checking the firmware version in Google Home every now and then. I suspected it had happened when the the hub randomly rebooted whilst watching TV the other night.

Do you have a link to this Google folder?

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Download Buchardt Audio - Google Drive

Thx. Will have a look.

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The Google Home app should automatically download the new firmware.

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Hello Mads @Mads_Buchardt ,

What should be the average distance between the speakers and the human ears, for Near field config and for the default 2.5 Config?

Would like to know how everyone else is using the A500’s…