Roon Ready certificate for Buchardt A500

Just out of interest did you download any of the EQ files available to test as that is what I thought they were for.
They generally have very positive reviews but seem to be known for their bass and tht they cannot be be near to a wall.

Yes. If you mean the “master tunings”. There are quite a few you can download. I tried them all. The fact that they had a reputation for going low was also a reason for buying them as I am used to a full range sound at the main house. There, we use B&W 802D2s.

My experience was that moving them out from the rear wall didn’t improve the bass boom of the stock tuning that much. But that’s not practical anyway at this location. They are now about 22cm from the rear wall. The biggest difference is switching them from a 3-way to a 2.5-way mode which has a drastic effect on the rear-firing driver but that also makes the midrange quite muddy and confused. I would definitely have sent them back except for roon parametric equalization with which I can give them a slight mid-range lift. That’s enough to make them listenable but it has been a lot of mucking about when they were bought for their plug-and-play “lifestyle” aesthetic. The only reason they are still here is the Danish design which goes with our Danish furniture in our Danish house.

I rather suspect that at this price point too many corners had to be cut to package all that electronics in one box. As is pretty obvious I am looking for replacements. I will definitely be going for an all-in-one design as I love the convenience and the lack of clutter but it looks like I will just have to go at a higher price point to get the flat response I seem to prefer. Anyone reading this should not worry about the A500’s stability with Chromecast but they are not neutral speakers and will not suit everyone. You really need to try them before you buy them as they are not going to suit all tastes.

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Thanks for the information, always interesting to get the perspective of a real world user.

In my experience these speakers are pretty much anything you want them to be. I was completely doubtful how well the DSP would work with the speakers right on the wall. Using Buchardt’s EQ and a touch of shelf in Roon’s EQ I got surprising linear results. I can probably do a convolution in Roon with REW and get better results, but that was just an experiment performed out of curiousity.
They can hit the lower frequencies no problem, but they are “voiced” any way you want them to sound. Any “full-range” speaker slammed against the wall is going to sound like crap without some serious EQ tweaks.

That’s exactly what I did although I cannot get them right on the wall. How did you do that? I find I need a minimum clearance of about 22cm because of the tripod stands, the power cable and rear control access.