Roon Ready Certification Changes and impact on RoPieee

After the latest Roon Ready announcement about disabling the addition of non-certified Roon Ready streamers, anyone know how that will impact RPi based streamers running RoPieee?

As has been stated multiple times in the forum - this certification issue does NOT apply to RoPieee.

It is easier to ask, then to find out for your self.

Well sorry I have searched the forums before asking but did not find that anywhere…

It is a general statement, not really targetted at you.
Just frustrated over the many questions that role in on the forum about the same thing over and over again.
Sorry about that …

Roon Ready certification is for devices whose manufacturer’s have embedded the RAAT code and Roon needs to verify their work. This is a very limited scope, and only really applies to DACs that have an ethernet port built in.

Most if not all streamer endpoints use RoonBridge which has nothing to do with this process.

I think this shows just how confusing Roon’s nomenclature and descriptions of the different things like Roon Tested and Roon Ready are for the average user. I’ve had countless posts trying to describe the difference to people over the years.

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Agree with the confusion. You can find HATs (e.g. HifiBerry HATs) listed under Roon Certified Network Players.