Roon Ready CXN v2 USB

Hi, i have Cambridge audio CXN v2,
I have question about Roon Ready. This connection isnt work With USB Connection. It is work on LAN connection only or i do something wrong? it would be nice how it would be possible to run roon ready via usb to save track information on the device. I am curious if there will be such a possibility in the future? I hope so.

Hello @Andrzej_Kaluzny,

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Roon Ready designation refers to the Ethernet connection on the DAC, see this article for more information.

This DAC is also Roon Tested, which means that we did test the USB functionality as well and wouldn’t expect any issues here.

What issues are you seeing when you have a USB connection instead of the Ethernet one? Are you having playback issues on USB? Can you provide any more information on what type of playback issues you’re having?

thank you for the quick reply. Of course, roon works after setting the usb but then it does not display songs on the cxn device. Works only in the roon ready option, i.e. Ethernet. you can’t set roon ready for usb input, i don’t know if something like that is possible?

Hello @Andrzej_Kaluzny,

Due to technical limitations it is not possible to display track metadata on the CXN(v2) via USB DAC input.


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