Roon ready DAC (in-built streamer) vs DAC+ Sonore Microrendu + LPS

Considering the price is the same, what would you pick and why?

  1. Roon ready DAC with built-in streamer (Moon audio 280d)
  2. DAC without roon + sonore microrendu 1.4 + uptone LPS ) - Dac is RME ADI 2

I don’t have any personal experience with the Moon 280D but it looks like excellent kit. If your overall goal is to buy an integrated endpoint and DAC and be done it’s a great option.

However, if you would like to (over time) consider upgrading the DAC, the separate DAC and micro rendu combo is probably a better direction. The MR is an excellent product - I have one of those and 2 signature rendu se’s and love them. You can not use the 280D as and endpoint down the road with a separate DAC as it only has analog outs so if you want to upgrade the DAC you’d have to start over.

Good luck on your decision.

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Yeah, I think it depends on how DAC upgrade happy you think you’ll be. If you like the Moon 280d and think you’ll keep it for awhile, or, if you get the bug to change up DACs as new technology emerges?

Thanks guys. The streamer being inside vs out, will there be a difference is sound quality? Advantages or disadvantages?

I have done the endpoint, PSU, USB DAC thing and it works very well. But since getting an integrated streamer/DAC I have been very happy with it and I have quite simply switched it on and used it. So in principle that is where I’d go. But do your due diligence with the DAC/streamer of your choice.
I wouldn’t worry about sound quality. Practicality and usability would be my primary focus. The quality manufacturers won’t do a poor job with regard to SQ.


IMHO, I don’t think a great integrated endpoint/DAC is inherently better or worse than separates. So I think the answer to your question would completely depend on the quality and capability of the external DAC you’d consider and how it would compare to the DAC inside the 280D and the only way to know would be to find a way to A/B test them.

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Yes, there is a lot to be said for having everything in just one box.

Eh? Have we got crossed wires or are we talking about putting streamers and PSU’s and things in one box?

I meant that there is an ease of use and less components to troubleshoot when using a Roon Ready Streamer DAC like the moon 280d.

Sorry, I misread what you posted!:nerd_face:

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