Roon Ready Denon Receiver @ about $800 - $1200. Possible in 2022?

I’m looking for a new receiver to use with Roon. My current Marantz, which is nice, isn’t Roon ready. I like Denon, I’ve used them before, so in the interest of being really lazy about this, I’m asking for suggestions.

Thank you.

Hi Shane, welcome! If you use RoPieee, you can make any receiver Roon-ready today.

Erm, no… Using Ropieee can make a receiver a Roon endpoint, but it won’t make it Roon Ready.

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Oops. My bad. I guess “endpoint” is all I care for.

Neither of those is really true. For a device to be Roon Ready or an endpoint, it will show up in the Signal Path. A S/PDIF connection from a Raspberry Pi to an AVR will not display in the Signal Path. The Pi is the Roon Ready endpoint.


True - I should have said make a Zone with the AVR.

You might want to consider a receiver with “Chromecast Inside”, as these are much easier to find on the less expensive end of the scale. It gives you most if not all of what “Roon Ready” does. See the thread I started last month:

No denon or marantz avrs are roon ready. They have airplay (original, not 2), which is “roon tested,” also heos (d/m proprietary and not very good), dlna, and spotify connect. You would need a streamer, preferably with toslink/coax s/pdif out) and it would work with the amp you have.

Thank you, sir.

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Welcome aboard Shane.

Like the others have said, a Pi or Chromecast will do the trick.

Alternatively, you can look into a bit more pricier options such as the iFi Zen Stream, Primare N5, Bluesound Node or other streamers.

The Pioneer and Onkyo AVRs support Chromecast built-in and are listed as ‘Roon Tested’.

My OnkyoTX-RZ50 was partially purchased due to the “Roon Tested” which I didn’t realize didn’t mean very much at all. To avoid confusion, these manufacturers should not be allowed to associate with Roon unless it is something other than the ubiquitous Chomecast, which I seem to have in almost everything these days. I guess my TV should also say “Roon Tested”