Roon Ready Device not shown after updating to 1.8

After updating to 1.8 my Mytek Brooklyn Bridge shows as “enabled” on “audio” settings but i cannot select it as a playback device. Others devices, not roon ready, are available for playing.
The Mytek device is shown as enabled and with correct IP. I am able to disable it and enable but nothing changes.

Anything am i missing here? :frowning:

I have noticed as well that my Ipad cannot be selected as playback device anymore. It is displayed as Enabled on Settings-Audio but it is missing on the playback devices menu.
I have tried a second Mytek Bridge unit and it also missing on the selectable playback devices, although it is shown as detected and enabled.

Hi @inaki_castillo

Is there any change if you reboot your Core and the Mytek?

Can you share some screenshots showing what you’re seeing?

Can you confirm that all devices are on the latest version of Roon by going to Settings > About?

on Settings-About I can only see the core itself (which is 1.8).
Where can I see the Roon versions installed on devices?

No changes even after rebooting both the core and devices.

A video showing that you can’t select it would be very helpful. Could you take it with your phone?

This is a video showing Roon core. As you can see there are two Roon Ready devices that are detected and display a correct ip address. They can be enabled or disabled but none of them appear on the zones list. On the zones list you can see only Apple TV and Denon Player which are “Roon tested” devices. The link to the video:!An8EMrce7bcomSZ9n94Npw9PaOAm

FYI, the Roon SDK installed on these devices is 1.1.36.

Indeed, this is very strange… I’ve not seen this ever before… asking our Roon Ready team if they’ve run into this before, as they deal with more devices than anyone,.

@inaki_castillo, do you have a backup of your database? we asked your system for logs, and it shows that your database is corrupt.

After an update of Roon software, these issues are often found since that process walks the entire database to upgrade it as well.

Your system should be exhibiting quite a bit of strangeness due to this issue.

Ok, then how can I fix the database ?