Roon Ready Digital Bridge

There a list somewhere? Not DACs, not rpi’s, not odroids, not soc add-ons or backyard engineering, only fully blown endpoints with a choice of outputs in addition to USB?

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Does this help Roon Ready network players section on the Roon Partners page?

Nope, it lists brands without any differentiation between endpoints and DACs.

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Endpoint = (Network) Streamer? Or just “USB to PCM”?

I’ve clicked thru the partner pages a few days ago and it looks like it’s hard to distinguish what’s what. You’ve streaming DACs (or DACing streamers?) and network streamers and DACs and all-in-ones … :roll_eyes:

Also, I can imagine that some of the partners don’t want to be on a “joint” list. Sorted by what? … maybe a community driven list is doable? In the forum, so it doesn’t have to be Roon-published.

You seem to have some unspecified restrictions here. What choice are you looking for? Why not odroids? What kind of “outputs in addition to USB”? What do you want to drive with the endpoint?

There is this but its not official and I’m not sure who maintains it

Thanks, that was useful, albeit outdated eg I don’t see the metrum ambre listed.

No unspecified restrictions. I use odroid-c2’s as endpoints today, which means usb out into DAC. I’d like to see what’s out there that’s Roon Ready and offers for eg I2S, SPDIF, AES/EBU and Ethernet as output options in addition to USB. I’d also like to narrow the result set to hifi manufacturers rather than the offerings of opportunistic 3rd party cottage industry operators that have positioned themselves as self-proclaimed gurus on all things digital.

You said no RPI. The Metrum is a modified pi. You can add the latest Naim streamers to the list ndx2, nd5 xs2 and nd555

Interesting, I wonder whether any Roon Ready bridges are firmware based?

Streaming is mostly about computers and networking, not HiFi. Even more so with the bridge type devices. Not sure why HiFi manufacturers would be gurus in that.

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No more than the self-appointed doyens.

There is the Auralic Aries series (mini, G1, G2). They are a bit spendy, though generally well liked.