Roon Ready Endpoint & DAC?

I am looking for a good quality Roon Ready / End point Ethernet connected DAC with volume control that is cheaper than Directstream from PS Audio. Yes, I know there is the Jr. version.

Basically, something that has built in roon streaming capabilities, has a DAC, and does need another USB device (such as microRendu, or SoTM SMs-200) to “feed” it. No USB involved in the chain.

I like Oppo Sonica DAC but it is not Roon Ready / endpoint.

Is there such thing?


Bluesound devices support Roon. Node2?

Oh yes, but I am looking for something better than that.

No offense for Node 2 users, but the DAC built in the Node 2 is not up to par with Direcstream and alike.

Thanks though!

Auralic Altair

Nice! I knew about that but I forgot.

I need more choices :wink:

You could check out the Lumin T1 or D1.

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These look very nice, but also very expensive (by the looks).

Any idea on pricing?

3K USD and up. Which really is cheap atm for what you are looking for. Things like the Merging+ NDAC are around 9 to 10k, sadly.

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Also, even though you said “no USB,” it might be worthwhile to check out what I use in my main system: exaSound PlayPoint + exaSound e32 DAC. Yes, they connect via USB, but the two boxes are specifically designed to work with each other. I’ve had no problems whatsoever with mine, and they sound great in my system. The PlayPoint/e32 bundle is frequently on sale at exaSound.

Prices for the Lumins:

T1: US$5,000
D1: US$2,000

One of the Lumin guys (@wklie) is pretty active here, so that’s always a plus.

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Not bad at all. The D1 is in my price range. I will explore Lumin further. Thanks guys!

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Is that it? Lumin and Directstream and Altair?

I don’t want to copy and paste what I wrote elsewhere but check out my previous post here:

The summary is:

Putting aside the convenience of ethernet and having the server in a different room etc and just looking at sound quality, I don’t think just seeing an ethernet input on a DAC and seeing the Roon Ready logo automatically means that is the best sounding input for that particular DAC.

It may be but it may not - it’s not an automatic given (yet).

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Have you had a listen in your own system to a Node 2? No, it will not better a PS Audio Directstream in audio quality, but you get a lot of functionality and sq for your hard earned!

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Yes, of course. I used to own the Node 2. Twice. For several years.

After several upgrades, I now prefer my Holo Spring KTE DAC, fed by a microRendu for my headphones setup.

I am now tweaking my home audio setup.


I realized Lumin does not have a remote control for the volume. But can serve as a preamp (coupled with an Amp), right?

If so, I am assuming the volume will be controlled by the Roon controller on iPad and such?

I am leaning towards Lumin T1 folks. Any additional thoughts before I pull the trigger for $4K?

Have you heard it? If not, can you return it if you want to?

No I have not. There is only one Lumin dealer in my area. I spoke with him, and he does not stock them, or put them in the floor for demo. Needs to be ordered and paid for.

What I often do is buy used, and then sell it at a small loss if I don’t like it.

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Does the dealer have a good return policy at least? Can you return it within 30 days for a full refund?

Even an 85% refund if they have 15% restocking fees for returned items.

He told me no returns on Lumin. Unless trade up