Roon Ready for kids playroom

I need advice for a room ready device that can work with my NUC core server. I want to have a separate zone to play via active speakers in our playroom. Can you recommend a simple setup? I’d like a recommendation for both active speakers and what else I might need, such as an endpoint, to enable the zone? Thanks!

Does it have to be roonready? I set up a Libratone zipp in my daughters roon using airplay. This works great… but this zone cannot be grouped with other raat zones

Simplest and cheapest setup would be a Raspberry Pi 3 with an analog line-level hat running RoPieee or DietPi. Then connect the line level out to whatever active speakers you favor.

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The Bluesound speakers are RAAT campatible. If you don’t need to group zones, Sonos would be another option. Both would eliminate needing additional endpoint hardware. I’m assuming in a playroom ultimate fidelity isn’t a concern, although I might be wrong. How else might one properly parent young audiophiles into being.

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The most simple endpoint is the Chromecast Audio (CCA). It is more simple then setting up a Raspberry Pi (RPi) and the potential improvement in sound quality from a more expensive RPi setup is probably unnecessary in a kid’s room. The CCA actually measures quite well:

As for powered speakers I really like my Fluance Ai40’s. But I imagine you may want something with grills to protect the drivers from kids no? Also what is your budget for these speakers?

@Tim_Wilson I like the idea of using Chromecast Audio for this purpose, simple and clean. Speaker budget is <$750.

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Like I said I like my Fluance Ai40’s but they are quite a bit less than $750. I like my JBL LSR305 monitors even more and they are highly recommended. The JBL 305P is the new and slightly improved version of these. A prominent Youtube reviewer said that the Adam T5V monitors are even better than the JBL’s. He also liked the Swan M200MKIII speakers a lot, which get good reviews elsewhere as well.