Roon-ready Home Cinema receivers?

Currently running a Linn surround system, which is rather old and poorly supported, currently being fed (on the audio side) by a Ropiee + Hifiberry Digi+ Pro to the Linn’s own DAC.

I’m now looking to replace with an AV receiver that supports full MQA decoding and which is Roon-ready. But there’s a huge lack of information, either on the Roon partners’ pages (way out of date) or on manufacturers’ web sites. Was looking at the NAD range, but still getting little information on whether any of these are Roon-ready, despite their being on the partner page. Any suggestions?


I believe all Bluesound endpoints are Roon Ready. That is the endpoint used in the NAD receivers.

Lyngdorf should be too IIRC

Many thanks for the clarification: Given that BluOS supports MQA, it would have been logical for it to be Roon-ready. But nothing on their web site - after your confirmation, I did find it buried away on their support site. I guess someone isn’t paying enough for co-marketing…

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