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I’m a litte confused regarding the available ‘Roon Read’ informations.

There is the roonlabs.com/partners page, the partner device matrix and, of course, the product information on the manufacturers web pages. All this appear not to be synchronized, for example:

  • Lindemann claims their Musicbook:Source is ‘Roon Ready’,
    …but this product does neither appear on the partners web page nor in the device matrix,
  • Linn DSMs are listed as “Roon Tested” on the partners web pages,
    …but not a single Linn product is listed in the device matrix.

So my question is: Where do I get reliable Information regarding the Roon certification status of a product?
Currently neither the partners page nor the device matrix seem to hold this information.

I don’t have an answer for you, but I can tell you that Roon recognizes my Linn Klimax DS/1 (and its capabilities in respect of formats and resolutions), and plays music through it just beautifully.

Thank you.
The partners web page lists almost every Linn product as Roon Tested.
Still I wonder why Linn is not mentioned in the device matrix.

Roon Ready requires a manufacturer to support RAAT network protocol, not brand-specific support. Anything that does not support RAAT cannot be Roon Ready.

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I’d like a comprehensive list, because the degree of Roon readiness is obviously going to influence my purchase decision. Whether volume is controllable in Roon seems to be another secret until after you’ve bought a product and tried it for yourself. There was an unofficial website, but it seems to have gone now…


I agree that an up to date list on Roonlabs would be quite useful to many consumers (and vendors). Because right now, I agree it causes much confusion. Case in point: Lumin T2 is not listed as RoonReady, while pretty much every other Lumin device is listed. It’s reasonable for a consumer to think it’s not RoonReady then.

The other way round is just as bad.
For example, the NAD M10 or the Hegel 120 were announced to be Roon Ready but they never certified.
Big disappointment for the buyers.

I know this.
The question is not about the certification criteria, but about the information policies of Roon and the audio manufacturers.
I would not buy a Lumin product which Lumin claims to be Roon Ready but which is not listed on Roon‘s partners page AND Roon‘s partner device matrix.

Always best to stick with the list in Roon Partners, and/or contact the manufacturer. My Chord Qutest was certified, but was omitted from the list until I contacted Roon and inquired. It was promptly added.

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