Roon Ready Integrated with great sound under $1,000, does it exist?


I would like to run Roon in my bedroom and simplify the current setup which is an AppleTV hooked up to a peachtree iDecco.

Is there an integrated amp under a grand that can receive roon directly that also sounds great?


Is this the only one?

My main concern about the bluesond is this: It seems like it does not have a real remote that it comes with. I will plan on using a universal remote. (URC Brand).

Does anyone know if the Bluesound Powernode-2i can be configured with a universal remote such as the URC?


Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 :slight_smile:

Um. the 3400 is not under $1,000… I know, I have one for sale!

give a friend a price discount :slight_smile:

We are friends, right?

FYI for any who are interested, I checked the docs for the Bluesound Powernode 2i and YES it can be configured with an IR universal remote!

At $799 it seems to be a great option!

FWIW there are also NAD integrated amps under $1k with BluOS modules.

I am always willing to negotiate! :grinning:

I’ve been looking for something similar there seem to be mixed messages online concerning the Blusound power nodes Roon Ready compatibility. The Nads look to use a Blusound module and I would like the literature on their compatibility with Roon to be significantly clearer. Mind I have only taken a cursory look at the Nad products so may well be missinformed.

I am also looking for something similar a dac/amp combo that wakes from sleep/standby when the Roon app is activated.

The Naim Atom looks attractive to me but is above the $1000 price point.

I use a powernode2 in combination with Harmony remote… works great
You can use the remote to change volume,pauze roon. AND go to next/previous track

Can you confirm if the powernode2 will wake from sleep/standby mode automatically or not via the Roon app when using a tablet of mobile device as the control remote?


Many Marantz units (amps and home theater receivers) have Airplay built in and work as Roon endpoints.

yes it does

Steve thanks is that the Powernode 2 or the newer 2i?


I use to powernode2. Not the newer i model

I will try using a powernode 2i in The bedroom and see how things go!

Audioberry’s stuff might also be a prospect.

Steve1 That’s really helpful thanks