Roon Ready Integrated with great sound under $1,000, does it exist?

(Todd DeSantis) #3

Is this the only one?

My main concern about the bluesond is this: It seems like it does not have a real remote that it comes with. I will plan on using a universal remote. (URC Brand).

Does anyone know if the Bluesound Powernode-2i can be configured with a universal remote such as the URC?


(Maxxim M) #5

Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 :slight_smile:

(Michael Fanning) #6

Um. the 3400 is not under $1,000… I know, I have one for sale!

(Maxxim M) #7

give a friend a price discount :slight_smile:

(Todd DeSantis) #8

We are friends, right?

FYI for any who are interested, I checked the docs for the Bluesound Powernode 2i and YES it can be configured with an IR universal remote!

At $799 it seems to be a great option!

(Tim Rhodes) #9

FWIW there are also NAD integrated amps under $1k with BluOS modules.

(Michael Fanning) #10

I am always willing to negotiate! :grinning:

(Jamie McCutcheon) #11

I’ve been looking for something similar there seem to be mixed messages online concerning the Blusound power nodes Roon Ready compatibility. The Nads look to use a Blusound module and I would like the literature on their compatibility with Roon to be significantly clearer. Mind I have only taken a cursory look at the Nad products so may well be missinformed.

I am also looking for something similar a dac/amp combo that wakes from sleep/standby when the Roon app is activated.

The Naim Atom looks attractive to me but is above the $1000 price point.

(Ruud v.d. Eijnden) #12

I use a powernode2 in combination with Harmony remote… works great
You can use the remote to change volume,pauze roon. AND go to next/previous track

(Jamie McCutcheon) #14

Can you confirm if the powernode2 will wake from sleep/standby mode automatically or not via the Roon app when using a tablet of mobile device as the control remote?


(Ralph Pantuso) #15

Many Marantz units (amps and home theater receivers) have Airplay built in and work as Roon endpoints.


yes it does

(Jamie McCutcheon) #17

Steve thanks is that the Powernode 2 or the newer 2i?



I use to powernode2. Not the newer i model

(Todd DeSantis) #19

I will try using a powernode 2i in The bedroom and see how things go!


Audioberry’s stuff might also be a prospect.

(Jamie McCutcheon) #21

Steve1 That’s really helpful thanks

(Jamie McCutcheon) #22

I might add Seven Oaks sound and vision (uk) have a bunch of Bluesound power node2’s on clearance at the moment @ £349

(Roel) #23

Perhaps the ELAC DS-A101 is an option: I don’t know if it is already available but it seems to fit the requirements.

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