Roon Ready Network Players

Which are the 5 Roon Ready Network Players that Mr. Enno Vandermeer talks about in the April 15, 2016 blog
Roon 1.2 is here.

At that time:

Auralic Aries
IQAudiO Pi DAC and Digi-Amp
Sonore SonicOrbitor SE
Musica Pristina A Capella
exaSound PlayPoint (requires exaSound DAC)
HiFiBerry Digi+

There’s more now, including:

TotalDAC D1
Bryston BDP-1, BDP-1USB and BDP-2
PS Audio DirectStream, DirectStream Junior, and PerfectWave DAC
Sonore microRendu
SOtM sMS-200 (uncertified as of June 25, 2016)

For more information about current and forthcoming network players, see the Website partners page and click on the manufacturers icons.

Ayre QX-5 coming shortly.

And what about the Bryston BDP-2?

Absolutely. I’ve edited it in so it looks like I mentioned it earlier. No one will notice :innocent:

There’s also the HiFiberry products for the RPi…

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Thank you for the MP quote. I’m still trying to recover from my dismay and depression over Brexit, and this definitely helped…


Any plans on MSB Renderer?

Bryston BDP-1 and BDP-2 are Roon Ready!

Per James Tanner’s post:

Bryston S2.28 Firmware Update offers Roon Ready Capability for Digital Music
Players BDP-1, BDP-1USB and BDP-2