Roon Ready networked AVRs and pre/pros?

Maybe this goes along with multichannel support, but for those of us who live simultaneously in the two channel and multichannel/home theater worlds, Roon Ready networked AVRs and pre/pros would be a boon. Even commodity level AVRs now have network support for Internet streaming and DLNA/UpNP. The commodity level products probably would shoot way below Roon’s target audience. But higher end AVR and pre/pro offerings from Denon/Marantz, Yamaha, and Onkyo/Integra would be good fits as Roon Ready network endpoints. That would obviate the typical need to make non RAAT (S/PDIF, USB-S/PDIF, HDMI) connections to multichannel/home theater components.

So, has there been any traction with any of the major Japanese OEMs for making their higher end AVRs and pre/pros Roon Ready?



Excellent question - I’d love to have this capability!

Revisiting this. Has Roon Labs talked to Denon/Marantz or Yamaha about making their AVRs Roon Ready? Any hope?

I get around this by connecting hdmi from my nucleaus+ directly to my McIntosh MX160 AVR (and it’s internal DAC) and using this connection when I want to play multichannel. I’ll go through my chord Dave/Blu with a LUMIN U1 endpoint when I’m playing 2 channel music. This style of approach likely works with most of the other AVRs.

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Sorry, folks. The marketplace tells the tale. Maybe I am forgetting one, but the only AV focused components to integrate Roon RAAT have been the two Oppo UDPs, now out of production.


The Trinnov line of prepro’s are RAAT.

Wonder how many Denon/Marantz and Yamaha AVRs are sold per year v. all the Roon Ready devices combined?

But, you may be right in terms of what that more mainstream market wants/is willing to pay for v. the more niche “audiophile” market.

Actually, I’m pretty sure you are. See: Kodi.

Yes, that’s what I do with a cheap micro pc as an endpoint. It would be nice to eliminate that.

I think the BlueOS-enabled A/V receivers from NAD are Roon Ready.

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My Denon AVR4520 is seen by Roon but I am guessing via Airplay which I think most AVRs have Airplay.
Problem solved.
Common AVRs (denon/marantz, yamaha, onkyo) sound dreadful anyway compared to mediocre 2 channel setups so I think Airplay is good enough in this scenario.
There are good AVRs like Cambridge Audio, Rotel, Arcam, Trinnov, Theta etc for music.

I use a Marantz AVR as one of my zones and it works great with Roon Nucleus via both the HDMI and AirPlay outputs. I really don’t notice the SQ difference on it between the two.