Roon Ready on Hegel H190 - using Tidal MQA - what is correct endpoint setting in Roon?

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Hegel H190 (newly Roon Ready) via Ethernet - trying to listen to Tidal MQA

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Just a question. With Hegel now announcing that the Hegel H190 streaming integrated amplifier is fully Roon Ready, I just updated its firmware and am now connected via Roon. Hegel unit is showing ROON READY on Ethernet input… :slightly_smiling_face:

But my question is – when trying to listen to MQA encoded music from Tidal, what is the correct MQA setting for the Hegel H190 as the audio endpoint? My understanding is that the H190 internal DAC is NOT MQA capable. So that would mean that I should set the Roon H190 endpoint MQA setting as ‘DECODER ONLY’, yes? (This would seem correct, as the H190 internal DAC (renderer) cannot unfold MQA… so thus we let Roon do all MQA unfolds as the ‘decoder’ and then feed the H190 DAC…yes??)

Set MQA Capabilities to “No MQA Support”.
Enable MQA Core decoder.

No. The setting refers to whether the DAC can do it, not referring to what you want Roon Core to do for you.

Ahh OK looks like my understanding was exactly backwards! Thank you for the clarification.

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