Roon ready on Melco N1ZS

Hi there

Installing Melco N1ZS10 music player.
Roon pages on partners/melco shows variety of products under N1Z - all marked with BRIDGE!
How to use this specific model with roon ready function?
What protocol is this machine using?
Thank you for support!

It’s Roon Ready it uses Roons streaming tech called RAAT. Check with Melco as to how enable it on the device. Roon will see it like any other Roon Ready device you enable it in Roons audio settings menu.


No information in the manual, Melco dealer has no idea!
Does " Roon will see it like any other Roon Ready device" mean it will be recognized in Audio Settings section?


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Thank you!
So first adjust Melco and make it Roon ready! :-))
Very quick and helpful answer!

Any changes???

Oh, thanks!
It will be set today afternoon!

Andreas pretty much explained it in this post.