Roon-ready Oppo UDP-203 stereo only? Over HDMI DSD --> failed to initialize the audio device

Core Machine
4 year old Dell desktop running fully updated Win10

Remote Machine
6 month old Dell XPS-13 notebook fully updated Win10

networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)**
Unifi router, Oppo is on ethernet, notebook on very fast wifi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Oppo UDP-203 via HDMI


I am attempting to play 5.1 audio over HDMI to Oppo player using FLAC and DSD files. I am not trying to avoid conversion of DSD to PCM

  • If I use the “roon ready” version of the Oppo it always downmixes to 2-ch.
  • If I use the Oppo as an hdmi-connected system sound device configured for 5.1, all PCM files play fine, any attempt to play a DSD file results in “failed to initialize the audio device.” Roon and Oppo are both set to use PCM, both set to 5.1, Oppo is in exclusive mode, 192k/24 in both Roon and Windows. This configuration works fine in JRiver Media Center and Foobar2000.

Library Details:
Library is on Dell desktop mentioned above.

Is it a official that the Roon-ready Oppo 203 cannot play multichannel?
Should Roon be able to play DSD mutlichannel from an Oppo 203 over HDMI?
In this scenario what causes a “failed to initialize the audio device?”

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