Roon Ready playback on T+A devices after 1.7 update [New firmware currently in beta]

The cause for the problem is found. We are preparing firmware updates for all roon certified T+A devices.

I will post here further information when the updates become available - should be not later than tomorrow.



Thanks for the great news @Larry_HV . Is there a way you can sign up for beta testing new Roon releases moving forward? I guess it won’t prohibit minor issues slipping, but those as fundamental as the one at hand would be important to avoid.


I’m not a T+A customer but appreciate seeing vendors here in the support area making things right. I have auditioned a T&A product however and was impressed with it but at the time I don’t think full support was available on other than Windows platforms. Glad to see there is progress in this regard.

Allow me a comment: Roon should look to the quality standards of T+A. In my case, I purchase a Roon license because I trust T+A, not Roon. T+A is an example of sound, competent, serious engineering that respects users: their devices always meet without fail everything they say in their data sheets. Roon seems to consider all users as bunch of kids always available to arm themselves as beta testers of their application. So allow me a suggestion: roon should show more respect for T+A device owners because they know the quality and reliability of T+A devices.

@Jose_Almeida_Ribeiro, I’m a T+A customer and appreciate their products, but the fact that T+A will release a firmware upgrade suggests that in this case the problem was with T+A and not Roon. I very much appreciate the combination of the superb Roon-based user experience paired with the sophistication of the T+A products in combination. Indeed, I became addicted by this combination, therefore it’s painful missing it. And other than you I’m not blaming either of them specifically, but I would certainly hope there is something like a beta release by Roon for the device manufacturers to validate with and I would hope those apply at least basic regression tests during such pre-release cycle. This bug certainly was one that should have been caught upfront, not requiring elaborate test cases. Your mileage may vary, though …

We have just released new firmware for the following T+A devices:
MP1000 E
R1000 E
MP2000 R MkII
MP2500 R
MP 8

In order to solve the problems that occurred after this weeks roon update as quick as possible we have decided to make this new firmware instantly available as a beta release via web-update.
The next stable firmware release will be released after thorough testing in the course of the next week.
In order to install the latest beta firmware release, please proceed as follows (the process is identical for all T+A devices):

1.) make sure that your T+A device is connected to the internet.
2.) switch ON your device and wait until the streaming client is up and running
3.) press the SYS button of your remote control to enter the System Setup menu
4.) navigate to the “DEVICE INFO” menu item at the bottom of the list
5.) press “OK
6.) navigate to the “UPDATE” menu item
7.) press “OK
8.) with the Cursor_Left / Cursor_Right buttons select “WEB(Beta)
9.) press “OK
10.) the message “start WEB(B) update” will appear
11.) press “OK” again
12.) “start WEB(B) update” will get highlighted
13.) press “OK” again
14.) now a message “Please wait” will appear - the update process has begun.

Now please wait until the update process has completed - this may last several minutes - please be patient. The device will automatically switch OFF after the update has finished.
You can now switch the device ON again.

To check if the update was successful you can again enter the System Menu with the SYS button.
Navigate down to “Device Info” and press “OK”. Navigate down to the “Client” menu item. The client version should now be displayed as “V1.1.6c”.

After this firmware update roon should be working again…

If there are any questions, I will be back here again tomorrow morning CET.



Morning Larry, unfortunately I tried the Web(beta) update on my MP3100HV twice this morning and while it says it’s updated successfully both times, the client version has remained at V1.1.6a and hence the Roon playback issue remains unfixed.

I appreciate there’s a lot of hard work going on to fix this, but as a first time owner of T+A kit to have a key function on a flag ship product break on the 7th day of owner ship, is frustrating and not a great reflection on T+A and/or Roon.

it works with my MP2000R MKII as described. Thank you very much!

Did you choose “ start WEB(B) update ” in the update menu rather than WEB? All working fine here now with

  • MP 2500 R
  • MP 2000 R MK II
  • R 1000 E
  • MP 1000 E
  • Cala CDR
  • MP 8 / DAC 8 DSD combo

Thanks to T+A for resolving the problem in such a timely manner.

Kind regards, Ingo

Good Morning. I have exactly the same problem with my MP3100HV. And yes I choose start web(B) update. This is turning ridiculous.

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Works for me with the MP 2500 R. I first erroneously started the WEB update again but after re-doing with the Web(Beta) I got Client V1.1.6c and Roon works again.

How to classify this behavior:

  1. Following the suggestion of T+A webpage I tested roon service for one month.
  2. After a month I acquired the annual license because both manufacturers ensure that T+A/Roon combination works.
  3. A week later I receive a Roon email singing hosannas to an update of the service and encouraging installation.
  4. Installed the update everything gets worse and the T+A devices are no longer Roon Ready.
  5. Roon Support says, more or less: yes, you have a problem. Be patient.
  6. T+A sends an email: do this to solve the problem.
  7. I perform the procedure. Everything remains the same: Nothing Plays. Nothing works.
  8. Are you joking with us?

Here’s a bit more info which might help you diagnose why the MP3100HV is not updating via the web beta to 1.1.6c but staying at 1.1.6a. When I initiate the Web beta update, once the update is under way it seems to jump straight in at 3/5 and then finish from that stage, ie. I’m not seeing it progress through 1/5 to 5/5. It’s not reporting any errors in the process. Hope that info helps.

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the Update works on my MP2000 R MkII just fine.
Thanks to T+A for resolving the problem!
Best regards


after the update my MP1000E works again to my satisfaction.
When updating you have to use Web (beta) to install the client version 1.1.6c.
Excellent and fast service from T + A. I wish the developers a relaxing weekend with good music.:wink:

Best regards

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please make sure that BETA update is done… then client version 1.1.6c also comes with the MP2000 R MKII.
Good luck

the new bundle version after the beta update is now listed with V20F/V210…

As it seems the update has not succeeded in all cases.
I would like to assure everybody that we are doing what we can to solve remaining problems as soon as possible.

As I see from the posts above it looks as if the updates have worked for many users. In cases where the devices successfully updated to V1.1.6c the playback problem seems to be solved. This is at least some good news.

For those who after update still do not have the 1.1.6c client version: could you please try to start the update several times again. In our update process there is a time-out. So when the connection to the update server can not be established within a certain time, the update will terminate. So maybe in the unsuccessful cases the access time over the internet was too slow…

We will monitor this thread to see how things develop. On Monday we will go deeper into this matter and as said we will release a final stable firmware as soon as possible next week.


I am very impressed with the work of T A. The next blocks I will buy will certainly be T A. great work. congratulations, quality of customer service.

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I assure you that we are not joking with our customers and of course I understand that some here are frustrated about their devices currently not working as intended. This problem has hit us at T+A completely unexpectedly. We had no previous knowledge that the roon 1.7 update would break our system. If we had prior knowledge of these problems we would have reacted before the Roon 1.7 update was released.

When we became aware of this problem we have reacted immediately. Within 1 day we have found and implemented a solution to this problem. We have created and released new firmware for not less than 11 different devices. My colleagues and me have worked yesterday until midnight to get these updates online. Of course there was no time for thorough testing. This is why we have released the new firmware as beta - meaning that this software is not in any way guaranteed to perfectly work under all conditions. But we thought that in this exceptional situation very quick action was required and that speed was more important than a 100% test.
Users who expect perfectly working software, tested in every aspect should wait for the next stable firmware release.

We will do much more testing and a new stable firmware release for all devices is expected to go online next week.