Roon Ready Preamp/DAC with tape/mon out?

Yes, I have one foot in the present and (due to my digitizing of out of print LPs) one in the past.

Specifically, I have a Tascam D3000 that I’d like to keep in my system while at the same time upgrading from my current preamp/DAC. Does such a beast exist?

The other option is a pre/DAC with digital out that I can use for the Tascam.

Am I thinking about this correctly?


There are quite a few options but what is your present unit and what is your budget?
I also use an amp with pre out to my JVC 3 Head cassette deck.

The beast that springs to mind at a similar price point to the Tascan D3000 is the miniDSP SHD certification process for

The issue is that I don’t believe it is roon ready although it is in the certification process as far as I know. There are periodic posts on the forum so there might be a recent update.

I’ve been eyeballing the NAD 658 so in the $1000-$1600 ballpark.