Roon ready preamp for class d power amp

Hi all,

I have upgraded my speakers. I have also changed my power amp. I am very happy with these evolutions.

Then, I am wondering, how I could continue this upgrade pass? #addicted :wink:

I am ready to change anything above. I believe my system is quite transparent. I have an hypex nc1200 power amp, a passive preamp, a matrix x-sabre pro dac, an allousbridge(ropieee) for streaming. So I thought adding a class A preamp.

I have seen different analog preamp solutions. I saw some can be Roon ready! with of course embedded Dac and streamer. Some can have room correction… I have had a look at Primare pre35 or anthem str, bryston preamp, atoll, matrix audio element x… I just don’t know which way to go so I am requiring your help.

I would definitely like to have something roon ready and a nice analog preamp (if possible with gain adaption). I don’t mind to stay on separate elements or bring everything in an all in one preamp.

What would you do for 3000/6000 euros ?


I am currently hesitating between:

  • Matrix Audio Element X
  • primare pre 35 prisma
  • or push the budget for an auralic vega G2

If any one can help or advaice that would be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
enjoy music!

Don’t think any Primare products are Roon Ready, now or probably ever.

Maybe @Henry_McLeod can say something about that.

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The Prisma products are not yet Roon Ready, and worse they have changed their coding team and the new team want to start afresh. There is Chromecast and Airplay so it is certainly possible to get Roon to work with it but you will need to wait for a while to see full Roon Readiness. There is no mention of Roon on the pre35 web page.

Thanks very much for your reply! So useful!

Do you have any thought about the quality of the DAC + preamp sections of the pre35? I was thinking I could buy the pre35 without the streamer and use an allo usbridge instead of their network uncertified solution.

I am very happy with the Mytek Manhattan II. With the Network card it is Roon Ready and Roon can control the Analog volume control which is better than the digital volume control to my ears. Not quite sure of the cost in Euros but I think it should be just within your budget.

I’m afraid I don’t. My experience with the brand is limited to their NP5 streamer.

I was more and more considering moving to an auralic vega g2 or g2.1 and push the budget a bit, but…

Does anyone know if auralic roon ready software is stable and works well with Roon? Maybe aries or altair users may know as well? I am asking because, in the support section of the forum, there is a support ticket raised by a vega g2.1 user. He had compliance issues between his core and this device. at the end , he returned the unit to the dealer…

The Primare Pre35 is a really nice sounding unit. Primare promises the Roon Ready upgrade is still in the works; I’m waiting for it patiently. In the meantime, I’m using Chromecast via the Primare. It sounds great.

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I am looking at a Rotel 1590 markii or the Bryston BP-17 cubed myself. Have a BDA-3 already so for me would just be a preamp in home theater bypass for stereo listening.
The rotel is roon tested

Update placed order for Bryston BR-20 sold my BDA-3 and my Lumin U1 Mini is still for sale.
Main reason I didn’t go with Rotel is no support DSD