Roon Ready streamer and amp connection

Hi! I have a MQA Roon Ready streamer and I want to use his dac with an external amp in another room via mobile phone as a source. What could I do to have better performance and mqa format? Thanks a lot

If the DAC that you’re talking about is part of the streamer, you won’t be able to remotely connect that to an amp in another room. If you’ve got a balanced output from your streamer then you could run cables to another room, but that isn’t a very practical or attractive solution.

It seems to be that you’re asking about using your phone as a source, but I wonder if you mean remote? You could possibly use your phone as a source and connect the phone into your amp. This would use the internal DAC on the phone. I don’t imagine you’d get many people recommending this

If you’re talking about using your phone as a remote, then you’d need a Bridge close by to the amp. You’d also need an additional DAC. The cheapest solution would be a Raspberry Pi with a DAC HAT. This would then connect into your amp and could be controlled from your phone.

And with WTX Microstreamer via wireless?

Sorry, I assumed you were talking about a DAC in one room and an Amp in the other. You’re talking about using the Microstreamer as an endpoint. At least that’s what I’m assuming from what you’ve said. I can’t find any evidence that the Microsteamer is Roon Ready. Have you seen anywhere that it is?