Roon Ready Streamer for my Yggdrasil GS

Hello all,

I’m looking for recommendations for a Roon Ready streamer to feed my Schiit Audio Yggdrasil GS DAC. I purchased a Primare NP5 Prisma that I was initially very excited about. It does everything I want from a streamer and the price was OK. The problem is that it does not seem to be able to deliver a clean, jitter-free signal to my Yggdrasil. I am looking for recommendations for something as close as possible to the Primare NP5 that delivers an acceptable signal to the Yggy. Looking to keep it under $1k if possible, but if I need to go higher to get something that meets my needs then I am open to that. Thanks so much for any recommendations.

How are you connecting it to the Yggy? Lots of people used to use a Singxer for Digital to Digital conversion like a Singxer SU6 – USB Digital to Digital Converter

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my question as well. The primare only has optical/coax outs, and Yiggy USB in.

Thanks for replying. I tried connecting the Primare via coax and optical to the Yggy and had no success. I hooked up my 2012 MacBook Air via USB to the Yggy and it was able to provide a clean signal.

I’m a relative noob on some of this stuff; is a USB connection most recommend for connecting to the Yggy?

Well, “group opinion” on that matter has changed over the years. However, since you are using the Gabage Sale version, AES or 75ohm bnc are the methods I’d use. Hence the need for the Singxer.

Fully new Yggy’s come with the updated Unison USB which has fixed all the USB issues, from what I understand.

Pi2aes using Aes cable + Ropiee. A+ sound.


I endorse this message. I’ve used quite a few streamers with my Yggdrasil (original, eventually upgraded to A2 + Unison), including some well above $1K, and the best has been the Pi2AES.

another option would be the new version of the Bluesound NODE, which provides USB out.

Thanks all for the replies! I’ve done a little more reading/research, and purchased a maxed-out Allo DigiOne Signature Player which will seem to fit the bulk of my needs and will be returning the Primare NP5.

Fingers crossed this will do the trick!

I’ve used the Digione, non signature, and it sounds very good. (I have not tried it with a Yggy). Having heard the Digione vs the Digione Signature in my system with Schiit gear, there wasn’t enough of a SQ difference to justify the price of the Signature, imho.

I play my 2012 Mac Mini dedicated to Roon. I connect via USB to an Audiobyte Hydra Z DDC that coverts my USB signal to an AES then to my Yggy A2/Unison.

The MAC Mini and the Hydra Z are run on 12VDC and 5 VDC respectively from an HD Plex LPS. The combo works great and dead quiet between the notes!