Roon recommendations vs Apple Music

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’ve been reading a lot about Roon lately and would like to have some community advices on what I consider to be the main obstacles to my adoption of Roon.

To day I listen to music on Apple Music streamed via Airplay 2 to a Bowers & Wilkins Formation setup. This system has 3 major inconvenients :

1 - It’s playing AAC quality ( lossless is coming… slowly but it’s coming to Apple Music )
2 - it’s streaming via Airplay which is not a technology that can play some Hi-Res files and which is not very stable
3 - I would prefer to give my money to music lovers rather than to Apple

Switching to Roon & Qobuz could help me solve those three major inconvenients :

1 - Access to the large HD or Hi-Res Qobuz catalogue
2 - Streaming with the Roon server allows you to use your phone / pc for something else <3
3 - Qobuz is made by and for music lovers

The plan seems ideal in theory but I have two fears that I would like to have your thoughts on :

  • From what I understood you can’t add via Roon some titles to a Qobuz playlist so your Roon & Qobuz playlist can’t be synchronized ( this first one is, I think, manageable )
  • Apple Music curation is, by far, the best I’ve experienced those last years after having used Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz. It’s a very important feature for me, just after having access to a large HD catalogue.

So before trying Roon & Qobuz for some weeks or months to compare the curation quality in real life, I would like to have your thoughts on Roon curation compared to the other music services… Do you think it’s today at the same quality level as I consider Apple Music to be ? ( Spotify is also very good ).

Thnaks :slight_smile: