Roon refuses to acknowledge the existence of some folders, and a weird fix

Cutting to the chase…

I had several music folders that Roon would simply not acknowledge. No amount of editing the folder name, messing w/meta, or doing a clean wipe of Roon then re-installing would solve the problem. This was not an ID problem – Roon acted as if the folders were not there at all.

In one case, discs 2 & 3 of a 4-CD set by the Byrds remained invisible, despite Roon acknowledging the existence of discs 1 & 4 (in the same folder). In another case, I had an ELO album that was not present.

Finally had time to explore it. What did the folders have in common? Several things, but the bug-trigger appears to be a large number of non-music files in the same folder. In each folder, I had a bunch of scans (.jpg .png), also lots of .log & .txt files, blah blah blah. The Byrds album had 99 tracks (4 CDs, all in same folder), and with the sundry other files, the total file count in the folder was ~150. The ELO album had about a dozen songs, and about 50 other files.

I cut all the non-music files out of each folder, and stored them somewhere else temporarily. Almost instantly (Roon was open), each album suddenly appeared. I then added in the extraneous files to the Byrds album, one type at a time, or certain quantities, waiting for discs 2 & 3 to disappear again. Didn’t happen. Then I put all the extra files back into the ELO album (all at once). It didn’t disappear either.

Then I looked for more missing folders. In the same ELO root folder, there were two more albums not showing in Roon. Each album folder had ~50 non-music files. I removed the non-music files, re-started Roon (had to do it at least twice), and then the albums appeared. Stuck all the files back in the folders, and the albums did not disappear.

Oddly, there are a bunch of other ELO albums in the same ELO root folder, many with more non-music files in their folders than the albums that were missing in Roon, yet Roon had no problems seeing them.

So, what’s causing this behavior? How many folders of mine are missing in Roon, and, without an obvious file-count trigger or any other reason for the misbehavior, how would I ever find out except by stumbling on their absence?

Hopefully this is a known issue & already fixed for 1.1? If not, can it be fixed in time for 1.1?

Can give more detail and post folder(s) to Dropbox if need be.

W7-64 reading from Netgear ReadyNAS NVX (can try Synology or Buffalo if needed)…

Hey @trtlrock,

Thanks for this – we have fixed a similar issue for 1.1 but I’d like to confirm you’re seeing the same problem. I’m going to send you a PM, so we can grab some logs and media from you.

Stand by!

fixed by 1.1

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Woohoo! Thanks for your help here @trtlrock!