Roon refuses to connect to Tidal

Hello, I have Nucleus +, today, for the first time, my Roon refuses to connect to Tidal. It goes to the browser and connect. And even goes back to Roon but there is no connection in Roon to Tidal again and again and again. The same in my sell phone. I can play directly from Tidal but Roon refuses to connect to Tidal.

Please advise,
Rami Blank

Power off Nucleus. Should do. Also upgrade Roon if not done.

Double check the id/password you are using for Tidal inside Roon.

It should be the Tidal id/password.

Yes, it sounds stupid and insulting to suggest that to you, but I’ve seen that mistake owned on this forum.

The system logged in with no issue the next day so I have no idea what the issue was but it is working thanks.

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