Roon refusing to log into Qobuz

Roon Core Machine

rock on Intel NUC8i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NUC hard-wired; endpoint via Google WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

BlueSound NODE
Meridian 210
Various Apple Airplay devices

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

roon is unable to log into Qobuz today - it’s been fine for many months and nothing has changed.
I am able to play Qobuz directly on the NODE via BluOS app, so my account and internet connection from the house to Qobuz is ok.
I have reset my Qobuz password, but it made no difference.

Restart the nuc.

Several times… along with restoring the network too

Qobuz have recently changed the way you log in, requiring email address rather than user name.

If you use email address already, my only other suggestion would be to clear the Qobuz cache in Roon.

rebooting multiple times helped in my case… I just added Qobuz login from scratch and used the username (like I did before). everything works fine again.

Thanks, stopping the roon server, deleting the Qobuz folders from the cache, and restarting worked.

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