Roon reinstall-help

Hey. I have a several year old Sonictransporter i7. It came with Windows not SO. I just installed SO, which makes my set up truly headless. I have had a couple problems, however, and was hoping for some help.

First. when I set up Roon, the storage setting did not see my hard drive that holds my music. I tried the usual solutions: reboot, change USB input, tried another drive, etc. No help. This is weird as I have set up Roon many times on different computers and have never had this issue.

Second, I decided to uninstall and reinstall Roon. When I did so, the install page said that Roon had been installed. I rebooted, but Roon does not show up as an installed app. My remote will not see it either. I repeated a few times and still no luck.

I emailed SGC but it is Labor Day weekend. So, I am not expecting a response for awhile.

Help please.

Well, apparently, I needed to install drive manager, which I just did. it showed up under installed apps.

Roon Server, however, will not show up. I have reinstalled 5 times now and it will not show up.



I can guess only:

  • Have you tried reinstalling SO?
  • Do you have updated to the latest version of SO?
  • Roon core may take a while to boot and appear if the library is big, especially if it needs to create a new library which I guess is the case

Good luck!

…make sure that the attached USB drive is formatted in exFAT to avoid read/write issues with SO (Linux).

Not sure how to reinstall SO??

Sorry I don’t know, never done this. I thought you would know how to reinstall as you’ve installed it…

SMG installed SO. Andrew fixed it for me. Thanks for the responses.

You don’t need to reinstall the OS you just need to reinstall Roon. You can do this from the software manager.

@NOA is correct exFAT is the best drive format for your music files.