Roon Remote and Mesh Wifi

I have x3 google (mesh) wifi points in my house.

Am struggling to use Roon Remote on my Iphone 6 as the remote app will not connect to the core. It works on occasion but only very randomly.

any advice?

Mac 2011 21.5-inch running on 10.13 High Sierra (model no. A1311)
Iphone 6 running on 11.3.1

Mac is connected via Wifi
Iphone is wifi

Roon is running v 1.5

Wifi is on Google mesh

Sorry - mac is hard wired.

Adding @support so they get notified.

Hey @Robert_Fielder — Thanks for reaching out!

Is there any other networking hardware in use here? If so, what are the devices?

Is the Core machine connected directly to the Google WiFi router?

Do you have any other remote devices? Are they exhibiting the same behavior?


core is hard wired into the house - there are approx 50+ connections all wired into a couple of netgear routers.

only have one other remote device which is another iphone6 - same behaviour

Thanks, @Robert_Fielder!

Are you able to temporarily connect the Core machine to the network via the same WiFi connection as the remotes? If so, is there any change?

As mentioned below by AJ, you cannot use Google WiFi as a bridge in a mesh configuration:

If you’re creating a mesh network with multiple Wifi points, your Primary Wifi point cannot be in Bridge mode. This is because the Primary Wifi point needs to do special things to control settings and communication within your Wi-Fi network. If it’s in bridge mode, you’ll lose some of Google Wifi’s key features.


Google WiFi in a mesh configuration does not support bridge mode. Robert needs his primary Google WiFi access point to be the router for all things Roon related, wireless and wired. If other Netgear routers (not switches) are in the mix, double NAT will result, and Roon remotes will not work.



Webpage about Double NAT.

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