Roon remote and no wave display progression?

why there is no wave display on the current playing progression bar?


Only local files are displayed not streaming. Is it a local file?

yes local.
I can see waves on the windows app but not in the android app (Samsung S22+ smartphone)

I think this is expected behaviour. Only “full-function” Roon Remotes will display the waveforms of local files. Roon Remote on a smartphone is not “full-function”.

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ah ok thanks for explanation.
And what is the minimum requirement of display for “full-function” roon remotes?

Windows/MacOS/iPads/Android tablets AFAIK…

That’s a pity that smaller devices cannot welcome some nice features like waveforms or skip buttons on playing bar, … there is enough space to display.
It’s not convenient at all to bring with me a tablet or PC to control music everywhere in my house.

Skip buttons are present on all Remotes and on Roon ARC - go to the “Now Playing” screen to see the full display…

Yes i know but it’s not convenient to skip tracks while browsing within app.
I like to listen to music and browse to discover at same time, so skip an unwanted song without leaving current viewing page is very convenient.

Lack of real estate.