Roon remote android 14 stopping after 1-2 songs in background

Roon Core Machine

  • ROCK on a NUC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

  • roon core, connected to both the wired and wireless connections (they’re different subnets, so the roon core needs to be on both so it’s not trying to cross subnets for stuff for preestablished reasons)
  • router is a custom box running pfsense, and AP is a unfi flying saucer

Connected Audio Devices

  • Pixel 8 Pro on Android 14

Number of Tracks in Library

~900 tracks

Description of Issue

i just got a new phone (pixel 8 pro, running android 14). i’ve noticed when running roon remote that if i’m using my phone the audio zone, sometimes roon remote will just… stop playback after a song or two when in the background. it doesn’t seem like it’s run out of music, cause if i re-open roon remote, it seems to think it’s just paused at the beginning of the next song, and there is a song there (regardless of whether that was a song from roon radio, or from a queued album or similar). if i hit play, it’ll resume, play again for another song, then stop.

also of note when this problem occurs, it also seems like the core has lost track of the roon remote instance on my phone – if i look at it from another device (e.g. my desktop), the phone has disappeared from the list of audio devices, and it reappears as soon as i re-open roon remote on my phone

this problem is not present with ARC – it’s just remote.

this problem was also not present on my old phone (pixel 7 pro running android 13), so it seems like it’s either an android 14 issue or something with a new roon remote release or some combination of the two.

manually marking roon remote as “unrestricted” (instead of the default) in the android app battery settings seems to fix the issue, which makes me suspect that android 14 changed something about background playback and roon remote needs to flip something there. The android 14 dev docs do mention some changes to background process enforcement, so it might be worth poking at that. happy to test stuff out and such.

fwiw, i also noticed this across a few days (got my phone a week ago or so)

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