Roon Remote App and Nucleus Installation Setup Issue (ref#GTTL9Q)

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Installation or Setup

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Roon Remote App and Nucleus have an Installation Setup issue.

ARC shows ready on Nucleus. Does not show ready on Remote App.

Request assistance to have Roon and Nucleus properly installed and setup to utilize Roon’s full functionality. Thank you.

Roon Core Platform


Roon Core Specifications

I have a Nucleus Ver B less than 2 weeks old.

Connected Audio Devices

Roon Ready Eversolo DMP-A6 Music Streamer
Sony HT-A9 wireless speakers
Sony HT-A3000 wireless speakers (Both are seen on network and working with Roon)
Vanatoo Transparent Zero Desktop powered speakers
Eversolo Streamer connected to Cayin IDAC-6 MK2 DAC - Desktop speakers connected to DAC - all are working fine and show in Roon.

Home Network Details

Networking Gear & Setup Details: Spectrum ISP, Netgear Nighthawk (Router) Model: RAXE500, Using Express VPN on Laptop with no issues. Roon Nucleus Ver B Roon, New Nucleus Ver B 4TB SSD installed.


You’re using your PC as the remote, yes?

Roon ARC is a mobile device-only application, so won’t run on a PC.

Hello - thanks for the reply.

Yes using PC as the remote.

Understand ARC is for mobile only.

I think I have a conflict with the Remote on the PC and the Nucleus. They have different IPs. I need a fresh install just need some guidance on how to do it correctly. Can you assist?

Sorry, I didn’t quite understand your comment about IP addresses.

Are you saying that you have two different IP addresses indicated for the Nucleus?

They should. However, the first three number groups should be identical, do the only difference is rhe last number

Yes. These are the IPs from my Router attached devices:
Nucleus IP: —.—.1.42
Roon Core IP On Roon ARC Status: ------.100.6
Laptop IP: —.—.1.44

As you can see, the Roon Core IP address is completely different.

I would prefer to get a step by step process to completely uninstall the Remote from the laptop and reinstall correctly. I just need some guidance on how to do this. I already did this once and both times the setup process has been wrong.


Sometimes you were using the Nucleus as the Core and sometimes the Laptop. You want to use the Nucleus, though. I don’t know if you did that or if it’s being caused by an IP address issue. I am also unsure about the sequence of events here in the screenshots.

When the Nucleus is used as the Core, ARC seems to be setup OK, so probably we only have to make sure that you do use the Nucleus as the Core.

It also doesn’t help that you blocked out part of the IP addresses. This is completely unnecessary because these are all addresses that are local to the LAN and cannot be reached over the internet at all. (What you should have blocked out, though, was your email address in the last screenshot :slight_smile: )

Could you please post new screenshots with complete addresses and also tell us the sequence of events that lead up to them? Sorry, but I think this is the faster way.

It’s late here and I’ll go to bed now, so no hurry because of me :slight_smile:

Ok Sir I’ll get the next post together and we’ll go from there. Thank you.

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Ok, here we go…

Here is the settings General page…

Here is the ARC not ready page…

About page on PC…

From settings General page when logging out…

Selecting Connect to Nucleus…
After signing in this page comes up…

Homepage after signing in…

ARC showing ready with red error…

About page logged into Nucleus showing the Remote as the PC and the Nucleus as the Core.

Need to mention when logged into Nucleus I have to resign in to my Tidal account for all of my Tidal data to populate.

Also I am able to successfully run backups on each login at this time.

I am using an ASUS gaming Laptop (Intel(R) Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz with 64.0 GB RAM (63.9 GB usable).

If I should provide any additional information for trouble shooting please let me know.

Thanks again for your assistance.


I guess to start with, Why are you running a core on your laptop? Is there a reason you are running both?

As for why your laptop might have two different IP addresses, is it connected via Wifi and Ethernet? And the WiFi is the 100.6 address?

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Hello Daniel thanks for replying…

Obviously, I am not the best at tech or IT…

Why am I running a core on the laptop?
Before I bought the Nucleus I was running Roon on my laptop - maybe that has something to do with it. When I setup the Nucleus I had several issues, ARC would not be ready, couldn’t run backups, the Roon software was acting very glitchy. I did get the port forwarding issue fixed on my router before I received the Nucleus.
I uninstalled and reinstalled Roon going through the setup process, and that’s what led me to where I am now.

Yes initially I was running Roon on wifi with the Remote on the Laptop, but since I setup the Roon, I have everything connected via ethernet.

You seem to be bouncing back and forth between servers, you only need one active and that should be the Nucleus. Disconnect from the Laptop and connect to the Nucleus. And you are done; unless I’m missing something. Your posts indicate that ARC is seeing the Nucleus as Ready and it is working that way I assume.

If having an unused server running on the laptop is confusing, then you should disable it. You can do this by connecting to the Laptop PC server, and …


click the Logout button. This should then immediately ask you to connect to a different server, which is the Nucleus, use the Unauthorize button if needed.

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If you have only one Roon subscription (license), you can only run one Roon core (server) at a time. You need to unauthorize the PC Roon core (server) and authorize the Nucleus Roon core (server).

Shut down the Roon core (server) on your PC and make sure you set it so it does not automatically start up on boot up of your PC. On your PC you only want to run the Roon client.

That said, you might want to use your PC Roon core (server) for travel, as I do. If so, it’s OK to let it start up on boot up, just don’t authorize it until you need to use it. At that time, you will unauthorize your Nucleus core (server).

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Hey Daniel,

I am tracking going between both servers, but I am not intentionally signing into both. Right now it seems all is ok if I sign into the Remote on my laptop. The only thing I am tracking that is wrong is the ARC is not ready. Before I did the uninstall/reinstall I had the port forwarding done and ARC was working on the PC, but now its not since I got the Nucleus - more about that later.

I have tried logging out of the PC as you indicate above and logged into the Nucleus, but none of my storage files are there, I have to log back into my Tidal to have that data populate. Then I have audio skips and drop outs. This is why I think a clean uninstall/reinstall with some assistance would be better.

Hi Jim,

Is there a “how to” to shut down the Roon core on my PC and make sure its set to not automatically boot up so I am only running the Roon client?

The other guys are saying what I would, as well, so I’m letting them get on with it :slight_smile:

The first thing you should do is review the Migration FAQ to verify that you moved everything over from the laptop to the Nucleus. See:

As for…

I gave you the instructions in my earlier post (the one with the Pic, in fact, that Pic is the actual screen you want to be on), you need to connect to the Laptop server, and then under General Settings LOGOUT. Once you click that, you will be given the select your RoonServer screen and you will choose the Nucleus.

By logging out, you are disabling the Server part. It will not start up again, even after rebooting, unless you click the “Use the PC as Core” button again.

Once, you have verified you did the migration correctly, and shut down the laptop local RoonServer, then if there are any other issues, we can tackle them.

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Hey Daniel,

So, migration steps successful, backup restored successfully. After restoring the backup it comes to this page…

I went to the Configure Roon OS page and restarted the server software after not being able to connect to the Nucleus. A message came up saying I would have to log back into Roon because the IP address on the Nucleus has changed.

What should I do from here?



Did you log

I am unable to select the Nucleus button. I did not select Use this PC because I am setting up the core on the Nucleus, correct?