Roon Remote App crashes (Xiaomi Mi8, Android 9

Core: The core runs on SonicTransporter i5, version 2.7, Roon 1.7 Build 521
Network: wired, connected directly DSL-LINK DSL-256DG
Audio: uRendu, connected via USB
Remote: Xiaomi Mi8, Android 9.X

The remote application on my phone crashes on start. Tried clearing cache and data, reboot and finally reinstall. Nothing helps. No issues with the application on PC (Win10).

Hi @Dima_Angert,

Does the app crash right away or does it freeze?

It crashes right after it connects to Roon core. I don’t know whether it is related, but it started to happen when I have tried to select a new album, never played before. It is a collection of flac files and it look completely innocent. I have seen another comment on missing cover picture and added it, but it didn’t help.

Hi @Dima_Angert,

Just to clarify, did this album not have album art? If so, this is likely an issue that our team is actively investigating. Once we have an update on this investigation we will be sure to let you know!

Thanks. I have added album art (Folder. jpg), but it doesn’t help.

A little bit more information. I can clearly see the crashes happening repeatedly on a specific album, which uses accented characters in the song names ( specifically Polish). Could it be related?

I have edited all the tags in the directory which caused app crashing to English characters and it is now working fine. So I don’t think it is related to the other issue with specific GPU models.

Album name/Folder: Coś Dla Ludzi
Folder directory (ID-tag track names appear after “-” character) appears below. I have marked the characters I have replaced in bold:

01 Robert Majewski - Coś Dla Ludzi_.flac
02 Robert Majewski - Coś Na Kwintet_.flac
03 Robert Majewski - Kara_.flac
04 Robert Majewski - For W.S..flac
05 Robert Majewski - Pod Skrzydłami Ptaszyna
06 Robert Majewski - Yellow Autumn Leaves_.flac
07 Robert Majewski - Dla Wszystkich Zawiedzionych_.flac

Thanks for the report, @Dima_Angert — I’ll pass this along to the team.

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