Roon Remote App for Mac OS

Ist there a way to control Roon from Mac OS without using the full featured Roon App? The CPU and battery usage while using the Roon App as a remote for my Roon Core seems way too high for my taste.

That would be cool, a mini app for play/pause, skip, and volume! There is an extension for Apple TV but i have not seen this for Mac OS.

What bugs me the most is the high cpu load and battery usage of the Roon app while just controlling the playback from my core. I mean what ist roon doing here other than just displaying its own user interface?

A computer game tends to take more system resources than “ordinary” software and demands also more CPU power.

To quote Brian Luczkiewicz Roon Labs CTO:

The user interface is driven by a piece of technology that could be best described as a game engine. It supports fluid animations, and we are trying to keep the frame rate at 60 frames per second (fps), just like a game. It renders graphics using OpenGL and hardware acceleration, just like a game, too.

Just sitting there in Idle with no playback or activity as a Remote Client, the Client is consuming 5-8 % CPU of a brand new MacBook. While “playback” from my Core the Remote Client jumps to 20-25 % CPU and 15% GPU. Just for showing the playback bar? This seems crazy!