Roon Remote App is taking up over 1GB of space on iPhone?

I am always running out of space on my old iPhone so constantly monitoring storage space between photos/messages/apps, and the Roon remote/iPhone app has been taking up more and more room on my phone

Currently sitting at 1.05 GB total, broken out into:
App size: 256.2 MB
Documents & Data: 787.9 MB

App size itself is on the larger size but reasonable, but what is Docs & Data comprised of and why so large?

And why is it taking up increasingly more space? No more than a week ago the whole app (including docs & data) was around 700 MB, I cant afford space for this app to grow 25% every week

Not sure what data is being stored locally on my phone…thought the whole beauty of the core was that the remote app/endpoints can stay light and use the core for its intended use as a storage/processing/data core…

How large is your library?

As reference I am around 55K albums and have a rough 250/250 split in usage, so total 500. Did not see any big changes and I am using roon for years already. Not sure how much multiple end points affect the storage, personally I am only using 1 at the moment.

In Settings|Setup, what’s the size of Memory for Photos/Artwork?
Is the size for Documents & Data decreasing when you hit Clear Cache in Roon Settings|Setup?


Mine is set to 64mb but actual use is 240mb my library is 270k tracks this is on iPad Pro 11”

Good idea thanks, unfortunately did not help, Docs & Data was still sitting at over 700 MB

I deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled, to force a delete of any local data. Docs & data size is back down to KBs without using the app at all yet, so that worked as intended - will report back if the size creeps up again after using it for a while

And for reference, the “Memory for Photos/Artwork” was set to 128 MB on my phone before, so if that’s working correctly would only account for a small chunk of the old 700 MB of local data

As I understand this memory setting, it allows roon to use more or less RAM during the use of the app to improve browsing. It has no effect on the storage size. Storage will be proportional to the amount of artwork roon has to pull.

Also worth to mention the clean library option under Library. This cleans all leftover remnants when moving things around.

I never thought to look, but on my iPad mini 2, which until lately is the Roon control device most used, it’s showing Roon using 1.09 GB used. My iPhone 6s which I don’t use often for Roon shows 527 MB. My new iPad I bought last month, which I primarily use now, shows 607 MB.

Since I haven’t paid attention before, I don’t know how much storage use has been increasing. I’ll try to remember to check again later and see if it’s increasing much.

I’ve been a Roon user since 2016 (using my iPad mini 2 for control) and currently show 917 albums (about 750 in local library, the rest Qobuz).

I have a little over 1200 albums linked in Tidal and Qobuz. I mainly use my Dell XPS 15 laptop as control device, but sometimes use my iPhone 6S Plus or iPad Mini 4. The iPhone shows 276.8 MB for Roon app and 46.4 for Roon documents and data.

I had 2.5 gb of data associated with my Roon iPad app which I have deleted and reinstalled. I now have 5 mb. I have noticed no difference in the performance of the app. I am surprised that it accumulates so much data. That it continues to function with a lot less data indicates that this is not related directly to the size of the attaché library. I have over 3000 albums.

Mine has 270 forapp and 4.33gb data and docs

What is it caching ? Looks like the whole library, 140 k tracks

@support any thoughts