ROON remote app not connecting to Roon core

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Sonictransporter hardwired into router. Remote app on phone and laptop wireless

Connected Audio Devices

Chromecast audio devices plus microrendu

Library Size

Not sure as cannot access roon data

Description of Issue

Worked fine after sw update. Didn’t use for a couple of days. Now roon remote app will not access roon. Doesn’t do anything, just the emblem displayed. Reinstalled roon remote app. It identified the sonictransporter as roon core. Said connect, and it never did. I can “see” the sonictransporter on my network, both via file explorer, and via web browser, but cannot get roon to operate. Nothing changed, to my knowledge in two days between working fine and not working. I can run roon diagostics from sonictransporter web browser view but do not understand it.

Hello @tim_gillion,

I’m so sorry about the trouble with the Roon Remote and for the delay in getting back to you :pensive:

Could you please let us know on what device are you experiencing this connectivity issue? Can you please make sure that both your Roon Core and the device running Roon Remote are running the same (and latest) version of Roon?

Thanks :pray: