Roon remote app on iPhone 6+[Solved, WiFi was OFF]

Dear Staff:
I have no issues with iPad Air 2 and my Mac Mini connecting to roon core 1.2.165 employing tablet version build 1.2.162 64 bit.
But I can not connect to core with my iPhone 6Plus. Employing the latest iOS and macOS. And 1.2.00162.
Entered IP address and or core name.
Unable to connect. Typically employ my iPad Air 2 without incident. Any suggestions? Please.

Hello @REShaman,

This is obvious, but I’d like to re-confirm: are you sure that iPhone is connected to the same network ?

Best regards,

Yikes! Please never mind! Of late my iPhone switches Wifi. As soon as I corrected to the proper wifi, connection returned. Sorry to bother all. Don’t know why the default wifi keeps being replaced.
Please delete this new thread.
With appreciation,

Sorry vova,
Thought the second email was sent! I just discovered that although I clicked on reply the post was never sent. By sorry, I mean: Wasting you or other staff’s time when I discovered the impediment very shortly after sending the first email.
With appreciation, part 2,

Sure, no problem. Glad you are up and running.